The Jesuits Come Home to Roost

Pope Francis née Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who practices an ecclesiology tailored to the spirit of the times, could easily be mistaken as Joe Biden in a white cassock and skull cap. They share an imperious disposition that takes delight in overturning or diminishing the decrees of their predecessors, overregulate their administrations with orders and encyclicals, … Read more

Procession of the Prostitutes

The playbook of the French Revolution has come to New York City.  Once again, we are seeing the attempted destruction of an existing class system, and with it the Catholic Church. Those who recall Kathy Griffin’s photo of a decapitated Donald Trump will recognize the parallels to the beheading of Louis XVI of as the … Read more

A Papacy Fit for the End Times

The Holy See has become a playground for secular causes and worldly pursuits, keeping Catholicism on a decline that started with the implementation of the liturgical reforms of the Vatican II Council in 1969 and created the new order of the Mass. Many of the bells and smells of the traditional Latin Mass disappeared before … Read more

How Laudate Deum Fails

Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation, Laudate Deum, is a hard document to characterize. Exhortations are supposed to encourage Catholics in their faith. However, this document deals with ecological issues and is addressed to “all people of goodwill on the climate crisis.” Thus, the work reads more like an eco-lamentation, a written debate, or a United Nations … Read more

Wake Up, Catholics, And Fight the Good Fight

The shutdown/lockdown of many Catholic churches during COVID was an ugly shock to practicing Catholics, who count on the weekly/daily Mass, most notably the Eucharist, for their entire well-being.  You wouldn’t have to look far (with doubtless some noble exceptions) to see the hand of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in the … Read more

COVID and the Catholic Church

I opened YouTube one morning recently, as usual, to hear another excellent homily by a hugely popular young Catholic priest from Canada. The title of this episode revealed that the latest COVID madness of requiring vaccine passports for attendance at Mass had just come to Quebec. And yet, as I heard the priest begin his … Read more

America’s New State-Run Church

For what seems an eternity, one of the ongoing accusations leveled by secularists against Christians and the Church was that Christians kept their heads in the clouds.  Believers have been told they have been too heavenly minded to be any earthly good, that they needed to be where the action really was, directing their energies … Read more