Massacre in Moscow

Pope Francis has frequently claimed that Islam and Catholicism share much in common and he has often drawn a moral equivalence between the two faiths. For example, after the murder of French priest Father Jacques Hamel by two Islamic terrorists, he compared the murder to violence in Italy: “this one who has murdered his girlfriend, … Read more

Parallels Between Biden and Bergoglio

Are the Similarities Mere Coincidence or Something More? Many commentators have noted that there are a remarkable number of similarities between President Joe Biden and Pope Francis. A partial list would include the fact that one man is the leader of the Western World, and the other is generally conceded to be the world’s most … Read more

The Church and the Devil

If the Church is doing the Devil’s will, why does he attack it? In case you didn’t know, the Internet is full of videos bashing the Catholic Church. Most of these are produced by fundamentalist or born-again Christians, some of whom are ex-Catholics. They insist that they do not hate Catholics. Their only concern, they … Read more

Giving the Devil His Due

The publication of the Vatican declaration on same-sex blessings has generated a great deal of resistance within the Catholic Church. Numerous bishops in various parts of the world have refused to comply with its directives, and the African Bishops Conference has rejected it outright, forcing Pope Francis to grant an exemption to the whole continent … Read more

Francis’ Disastrous Influence on World Affairs

I’ve written frequently about the great harm that Pope Francis has done to the Catholic Church as the result of his subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on Catholic teaching, Catholic tradition, Catholic morality, and Catholic liturgy. But it’s also important to realize that his misguided views on world affairs have a similarly harmful effect on the … Read more

Empty Hell? Empty Head? Empty Church?

It’s often said that Satan’s greatest achievement is to convince people that he doesn’t exist. If we believe he doesn’t exist, then there is less motivation for us to avoid temptation and more likelihood that we will fall into sin more often—the very thing that Satan seeks. By implication, the belief that Hell is empty … Read more

Is Francis a Pope or a Pretender?

The arguments in his defense don’t stand the test of time In the wake of Bishop Joseph Strickland’s removal by Francis, the question of Francis’ own status has resurfaced. Is he really the pope? Or is he an imposter or an anti-pope or something worse? When the question was initially raised years ago, quite a … Read more

Is Francis a False Prophet?

Is Francis a false prophet? Some Catholics claim that he is. They refer to him as “the false prophet, the forerunner of the antichrist.” However, before addressing the charge it’s important to ask a prior question—namely, is it at all possible for such a thing to happen? Could the Cardinals possibly make such a bad … Read more

Pope Francis Says Don’t Worry About Sin – Our Lady Says Otherwise

Catholics are confused and divided over Pope Francis. For years he has been introducing novel changes into the Church that seem to conflict not only with traditional practices but also with established Church teaching. An increasing number of Catholics have come to the conclusion that Francis (along with others in the hierarchy) is in the … Read more