Making Millions Off Open Borders, USCCB Celebrates National Migration Week

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is highlighting the overlooked right to remain in one’s country during its weeklong celebration of National Migration Week from Sept. 18–24. “For millennia, people have been forced to flee their homelands, seeking safety and security, because of factors beyond their control,” El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz, the … Read more

Pope Francis Allows Fake Mass by Fake Bishop on Altar in Rome

On Tuesday, April 18, about 50 Anglican clergymen, who are not in communion with the Catholic Church, took part in a fake Mass at St. John Lateran, the highest-ranking papal basilica in Rome. Today we get the story from the National Catholic Register that the Vatican now claims this was a matter of “miscommunication.” Righhht… … Read more

Steubenville Bishop Bans Latin Mass at Franciscan University, Effective Immediately

Students, faculty, staff and others who attend the traditional Latin Mass at Franciscan University will need to venture off campus to worship in the more ancient form of the Mass following their bishop’s decision to ban the campus’ monthly celebration. Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio, ordered an immediate end to the … Read more