Catholics Concerned About The Illegal Immigration Crisis

“We are called to show maximum respect for the dignity of each migrant; this entails accompanying and managing waves of migration as best we can,” said Pope Francis in 2023. “In whatever place we decide to build our future, in the country of our birth or elsewhere, the important thing is that there always be … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans News Flashback: 5-Star Case of the Medium being the Message

  Here is a fact from life on the religion beat. Several times a year, a religion-beat reporter is going to be approached by an editor who wants him or her to make a photo-assignment for a religious holiday or a story with some kind of religion hook. They don’t want Southern Baptists in gray … Read more

Leading Francis Cardinal Declares Catechism is Wrong on Human Sexuality

It isn’t every day that a prince of the Roman Catholic Church, and a strategic Jesuit ally of the pope, openly rejects centuries of Christian teachings that clash with core doctrines of the Sexual Revolution. “The Church’s positions on homosexual relationships as sinful are wrong,” said Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg, in a recent interview … Read more