New Evidence Shows Biden’s FBI Spied on Traditionalist U.S. Catholics from Coast to Coast – Crickets from the USCCB

The FBI mounted spying operations on traditionalist Catholic churchgoers across the whole of the United States, according to new evidence obtained by politicians. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was in February accused of secretly gathering evidence which might link Catholics in the Richmond area of Virginia to “the far right nationalist movement”. At least one … Read more

Italians Bishops Revolt Against Francis By Promoting Sacked CDF Secretary

Italian bishops appear to have delivered a snub to Pope Francis by promoting a Vatican official who the Pope sacked months after the official authored a key document prohibiting liturgical blessings for same-sex couples. Archbishop Giacomo Morandi, 58, was dismissed by the Holy Father soon after the then-known Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith … Read more

Strickland’s Sacking Signals ‘Internal Persecution of Faithful Catholics by the Pope’

An outspoken bishop has accused the Pope of orchestrating an “internal persecution” of faithful Catholics. Bishop Athanasius Schneider said the sacking of the Rt Rev. Joseph Strickland as Bishop of Tyler, Texas, represented a particularly unjust exercise of papal power against a faithful and conscientious Church leader. “This will go down in history as a … Read more