CATHOLIC SCHOOLS: Are We Catholic Enough to Make Enemies?

NOTE: This column, originally published in January 2024, is worth revisiting given what we have recently seen coming from Catholic schools. It is calamitous how Catholic institutions have buried their lamps beneath bushel baskets in these diverse, intolerantly tolerant days of fear and trembling, concealing the true Faith as if it were a secret. Catholic … Read more

The Anti-Ecumenism of Pope Francis

Fiducia Supplicans causes the Coptic Orthodox to suspend their ecumenical dialogue with Rome, citing the declaration’s change to the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. So much for the “big brotherhood” Pope Francis invited Catholics to share during his first speech from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica (unless there is another Big Brother that Pope … Read more

Buffalo Closure?

After seven years of allegedly allowing priests accused of statutory rape and unwanted touching to remain in ministry, after concealing hundreds of pages of damning litigation documents from the public, after being secretly recorded calling an active parish priest a “sick puppy” and talking about a clerical “love triangle” that could “be the end of … Read more