Pachamama and the Gods of Ancient Greece. The Lesson of Paul in Athens.

The synod for the Amazon has been filed away, but the “scandal” that accompanied its unfolding is far from being healed. Generating this “sign of contradiction” was Pope Francis himself, at first on October 4 in the Vatican Gardens, by attending prostrations in front of unidentified objects of worship including a wooden statuette of a … Read more

“His Most Egregiously Ambiguous Statement.” A Theologian of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Flunks the Pope

Never would that sentence have gotten through untouched under the scrutiny of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, if only Pope Francis had gotten it checked there. But that didn’t happen. And in fact, since February 4, in the solemn document on human brotherhood signed jointly in Abu Dhabi by Francis and by the Grand … Read more

Adultery and Homosexuality – The Two Vanished Words

It is a fact, not an opinion. The words “adultery” and “homosexuality” have both disappeared from the magisterium of the Church, the highest, that which reports to the Roman pontiff. About the first word this was already known. It disappeared completely just when it would have been most natural to say it, at the two … Read more