Freemasonry Doublespeak Employing Fiducia Supplicans

Pressed by the Daily Compass article, the President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology publishes the speech he gave at the Milan conference on Church and Freemasonry. It’s even clearer now that he indicates Fiducia Supplicans as the solution for Freemasons. It took an article on the Daily Compass to force the publication of Monsignor … Read more

Pope’s Contortions to Avoid Telling the Truth about Homosexual Relationships

Those who protest against Fiducia Supplicans (FS) ‘belong to small ideological groups’. So said Pope Francis in yet another interview, this time with the Italian daily La Stampa, published on 29 January. A few days earlier, on National TV in Che tempo che fa, guest of Fabio Fazio, he had instead said that those who … Read more

Blessing Gay Couples, all the Deceptions of Fiducia Supplicans

In this text the Daily Compass and the Cardinal Van Thuân Observatory propose an overall assessment of the Declaration Fiducia supplicans. We have allowed some time to pass since its publication in order to favour an accurate and complete reflection. Indeed, the Declaration raises many serious issues that must be addressed separately, but also and … Read more

Bergoglio Boots Burke

Vatican sources close to the Daily Compass: Burke was defined as an “enemy” in an announcement made to the Heads of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia. The cardinal has not yet received a formal notice, but considering precedents, it is unlikely to be just a threat, which nonetheless would be very serious. “Cardinal Burke is … Read more

Pro-Vax Catholic Media Funded by Soros and Gates

The consortium of Catholic media,, led by Aleteia and linked to the Holy See, is a project to silence non-aligned Catholic journalists. It is financed by large international anti-life and anti-family lobbies, in cahoots with the big pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines. This explains a lot…. A well-documented investigation by the American website Church … Read more

Jesus In A Baggie?

Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith, reacts to reports of the Most Holy Eucharist being distributed like a drive-thru fast food item. “It’s a matter of faith and if we were really aware of what we are celebrating in the Mass and what the Eucharist is, certain ways of distributing Communion … Read more