U.S. Bishops Concerned Congress Will Cut-Off Their Illegal Invasion Cash Cow

The U.S. bishops cautioned against proposals being considered by Congress and the White House to fund aid to Ukraine on the condition that migration is further restricted, saying they are “deeply concerned” about the “real-life impact” of a crackdown at the border. In a letter to Congress on Friday, the bishops said the policies currently … Read more

Former Prioress in Forth Worth Admits to Sexual Misconduct in Recording, Names Priest

In the latest development in the ongoing dispute between a Texas Carmelite monastery and the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, former prioress Theresa Gerlach admitted to sexual misconduct and identified the priest involved as “Father Bernard Marie” in an audio recording played in court Tuesday. Though Gerlach identified the man involved as a member of … Read more

Do Border Bishops Want Open Borders?

The Catholic Church currently receives millions in government grants each year trafficking illegal aliens. The Biden administration’s new immigration crackdown that was announced Tuesday received widespread criticism from Catholic leaders along the U.S.-Mexico border. Referred to by some as a “transit ban,” the new policy automatically denies asylum to migrants who cross the border illegally … Read more