No Place to Hide

For a long time, the pope and the bishops were seen as “men apart,” occupying a lofty sphere that no layman could dare enter, with a special standing that blocked all criticism. This attitude has a reasonable foundation: We are dealing here with the successors of the apostles, with those who represent Christ the Good … Read more

How US Bishops Should Have Responded to Vatican Hijacking Their Meeting

It was with the proverbial whimper that the recent USCCB meeting in Baltimore went out. The hoped-for and indeed expected bang was thwarted by forces without and within. The Vatican commanded a halt to the United States bishops taking steps about the clerical abuse crisis and its episcopal component. In a particularly obnoxious example of … Read more

‘LGBT’ Appears for First Time in Vatican Document – Catholics Should Grieve

As reported here by our Rome correspondent, the working document for the Youth Synod underway at the Vatican contains the first use, in an official Vatican document, of the acronym “LGBT.” Why is this a big deal? The term “LGBT” was coined by secular activists to describe what they consider to be a range of acceptable sexual … Read more

The Church Never Fails Because Christ Never Fails – But Churchmen Are Another Story

It is when things are looking bleakest, humanly speaking, that the act of faith in God’s revelation is most valuable and saving. When the Church is sailing along in splendor and sanctity, and when a culture is dominated by the Faith, one’s religious life can be carried along fairly effortlessly from cradle to tomb. But … Read more

Why Viganó’s Testimony Will Go Down as the ‘Clarifying Moment’ of Francis’ Papacy

The month of August opened with a bang—and closed with a nuclear detonation. On August 2nd the world learned of Pope Francis’s disdain for the witness of Scripture and the ordinary and universal magisterium of the Church on the death penalty as he took it upon himself to “develop” into oblivion over 3,000 years of Jewish … Read more