Premature Celebration

The point is not the “Synod documents” but the process of perpetual synodalism A very good priest whom I highly respect had this reaction to the concluding document of the Synod (summarized by The Pillar here): It would seem that the last attempt at revolution in the Catholic Church has run out of steam. The … Read more

Bishop Victor Fernandez: From Church to Movement

On September 11, another of Argentina’s most beloved sons, Archbishop Victor Fernández, took office as Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Two Argentines are at the top of the government of the Catholic Church. A source of pride for all those born in this particularly blessed land. And the new prefect, now … Read more

Is a Synod of Horrors Coming Our Way?

Recently I heard a lady being asked about the “synodal church.” Her answer was as succinct as it was accurate: “Please! I’m Catholic, not synodical.” I can only agree with this myself, even though talk of the “synodal church” is now so naturally on everyone’s lips as if it were a statement of faith. In … Read more

Conundrums About Interpretation: What Is a Catholic to Do?

Recently here at Crisis Magazine, Casey Chalk published “The Protestant Doctrine That Gave Us Pro-Trans Churches,” detailing the impossible tangle that results from sola scriptura and offering a fine summary of the classic Catholic case for why there must be a God-appointed interpreter of the Bible, since it is not self-interpreting. As a Roman Catholic … Read more

Dozens of Billboards Go Up Around Rome in Defense of the TLM

Starting this morning, and lasting for 15 days, several dozen billboards dedicated to the traditional liturgy will be posted near and around the Vatican. An organizing committee, whose members are participating in a personal capacity and who come from different Catholic entities (such as the blogs, Messainlatino and Campari & de Maistre, and the associations, … Read more

Pope Francis to Georg Gänswein: Pack Your Bags and Leave by February 1?

The German weekly Die Zeit has published the news that the Pope wants the former personal secretary of Benedict XVI far away from the Vatican. According to German media, Archbishop Georg Gänswein has to move out of the Mater Ecclesiae monastery, Benedict XVI’s retreat house, on February 1. According to Die Zeit, Father Georg was informed … Read more

The Welcome Demise of Enforced Optimism

The meltdown of the Church in the West since the Second Vatican Council doubtless has many and complex causes, but I am convinced that the foremost cause of it is the fact that churchmen[1] have betrayed much of Catholic Tradition and legislation, and have merited divine punishment as a result—let us call it a period … Read more

African Priest Responds to Pope Francis: “You Have Scandalized the Whole World Several Times by Contradicting Christian Tradition”

Abbé Janvier Gbénou (pen name: Father Jesusmary Missigbètò), who has frequently been in the news on account of his outspoken critiques of Pope Francis (see, e.g., here, here, and here) which earned him expulsion from Opus Dei, has written a public response to the latest decree that, according to his account, forbids him to preach, … Read more