Nearly All U.S. “Catholic” Women’s Colleges Admit Men Who Identify as Women

U.S. bishops idly stand by while Catholic institutions are destroyed by modernist ideologies. When a media storm hit last fall after word leaked that a prominent Catholic women’s college in Indiana planned to admit males who identify as women, the school’s president seemed puzzled. “We are by no means the first Catholic women’s college to … Read more

Boston Archdiocese Lobbying Against Bill That Eliminates Time Limits for Child Sex- Abuse Claims

The Archdiocese of Boston is opposing a state bill that would eliminate the time limit for filing a civil lawsuit for claims of sexual abuse of children, saying it would put its efforts to assist victims at risk. In 2014, the state enacted a bill that extended the statute of limitations to when the plaintiff … Read more

Will Anyone Ever be Actually Held Accountable in the Case of Theodore McCarrick?

At 93 and apparently suffering from dementia, former cardinal Theodore McCarrick is unlikely to be tried on criminal charges of sexual abuse. It’s likewise doubtful he’ll ever testify in court in pending civil lawsuits against him. And the Vatican seems to have moved on, having issued a long report about him almost three years ago, … Read more