The Bombshell Letter Every American Must Read

Our nation is under invasion. Blinking red lights are going off warning of an imminent terrorist event. Yet, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assures the country that our southern border is secure. He has stated so repeatedly. It is a blatant lie which mainstream media continues to perpetuate. According to the data from … Read more

WATCH: Liz Yore Says Pope Francis’ Goal is ‘To Destroy the Catholic Church’

  Attorney Liz Yore declared on Saturday that Pope Francis is trying to “destroy the Catholic Church,” citing the sacking of Bishop Joseph Strickland, the targeting of traditional Catholics, and the betrayal of Chinese Catholics as steps towards this goal. On Steve Bannon’s show War Room, Yore discussed the Vatican’s persecution of Catholics in both … Read more

Liz Yore: Bergoglio’s Predator Protection Racket

At the press conference announcing the 2023 Rome Life Forum, attorney Liz Yore provided a shocking list of grievances experienced by victims of clerical sex abuse during Pope Francis’ pontificate. Yore contends that Pope Francis actively extends mercy and honor to clerical sexual predators — such as former cardinal Theodore McCarrick and disgraced Fr. Marko … Read more

Catholic NGOs Receive Billions in Government Funding to Provide Illegals Housing, Food, Healthcare, Financial Assistance and More

The numbers of illegals crossing over the southern border into America are staggering. In the second year of the Biden Administration, FY 2022, (ending Sept. 30, 2022) 2.7 million illegals crossed into the U.S. according to Customs and Border Patrol. (In just 12 months, that equals the population of Chicago). Since September, the numbers are … Read more

WATCH: Liz Yore Calls Upon U.S. Bishops To Get Out Of The Business Of Trafficking Illegal Aliens

  Liz Yore appeared on The War Room on December 9, 2022 to discuss the findings of Complicit Clergy’s recent report on Federal funding of Catholic organizations involved in immigration activities.  Liz Yore has been involved in child advocacy for many years.  She served as Special Counsel to Oprah Winfrey as her child advocate, both … Read more

Release the Entire Red Dossier Now!

Once upon a time, in the tiny Vatican City State, Benedict XVI, the soon-to-abdicate Pope, ordered his three most trusted confidants to undertake a top-secret investigation into the financial, sexual, and moral scandals at the Vatican. The three prelates dutifully investigated, interviewed key prelates and Vatican employees, reviewed documents and videos, and scoured archives for … Read more

Was Uncle Ted a Russian Spy?

Sexual predators, like spies, are masters of deception and deceit. Both operate in secrecy, perpetuate a cover story, manipulate their victims through lies, and maintain a facade of respectability. Often, sexual predators become prime and easy targets for espionage since they are so vulnerable to blackmail. Prominent sexual predators can become prominent spies. Spies trade … Read more