WATCH: The Church’s Enemies Are Inside Her Gates, But Remain Faithful!

  Catholics Unscripted – Gavin Ashenden, Katherine Bennett and Mark Lambert – speak with Bishop Joseph Strickland about the current crisis in the Church. Bishop Strickland discusses the contradictions and confusion within the Catholic Church. He addresses the authoritarian approach of some US bishops compared to the open heretical positions of bishops in other countries. The … Read more

WATCH: Russell Brand, Pope Francis, Heaven and Hell

  Please visit and check out our membership options. Thank you. Today we discuss Russell Brand explaining why he wears a cross and Pope Francis remarks about Hell. In the episode, Katherine quotes the following passage from CS Lewis and Gavin quotes some words from Annie Dillard (both can be found below) “Men are … Read more

WATCH: Is the Pope a Communist?

  In this episode, Katherine Gavin and Mark discuss the question of whether Pope Francis is a communist in the light of his recent meeting with DIALOP – a “dialogue project” between socialists/Marxists, communists, and Christians which he set up in 2014. They explore the connection between Pope Francis and liberation theology, highlighting the concerns … Read more

Don’t Give Up On The Church – And Certainly Not Because Of Fiducia Supplicans

As we argue about the contents of Fiducia Supplicans, with Catholics threatening to walk away from the Church, Anglicans crowing that converts to Catholicism have gone from the frying pan into the fire, and couples in a homosexual relationship looking to plan a spontaneous, non-affirming, casually dressed blessing from Fr James Martin or any other … Read more

What Jimmy Savile and Whoopi Goldberg Have in Common with the ‘Synodal’ Way of Thinking

The latest from Katherine Bennett, too controversial for the Catholic Herald! The world is full of so many disadvantaged people living on the margins – high profile politicians, former US Presidents, billionaire globalists and their nepo babies, Hollywood stars and celebrity LGBT activists – all of whom are welcomed into the big tent by Pope … Read more