UK Investigation ‘Calls Out Blatant Hypocrisy of Pope Francis’

At noon Tuesday — two hours before the release of the Vatican’s long-awaited McCarrick Report — the United Kingdom’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) published a damning report lambasting Pope Francis and archbishop of Westminster Cdl. Vincent Nichols. In contrast to the Vatican’s report, which commends Francis for acting promptly against the homopredator cardinal, … Read more

TFP Calls For Faithful Catholics to Resist Pope Francis Who Is Betraying The Christian West

In an unprecedented move, faithful Catholics are calling for resistance against “the policies pursued by Pope Francis that threaten the West’s integrity, security and cultural identities.” Lambasting the pontiff for orphaning the Christian West and favoring “those attacking the West with unparalleled intensity,” Catholics on five continents from the Instituto Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and … Read more

Pope Confers Red Hats on Pink Prelates

Pope Francis announced the appointment of leading pro-LGBT bishops as cardinals Sunday amid the global bedlam unleashed by the pontiff’s remarks endorsing same-sex civil unions. Francis’ choice of “ultra-Bergoglians” included Abp. Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C. — identified as a homosexual by priestly sex abuse expert Richard Sipe and consecrated bishop by satanic homosexual predator Abp. … Read more

Pope Francis Breaks With Tradition, Calling for Homosexual Civil Unions   Theologians will undoubtedly now be debating whether the Pope’s comments constitute a public defection from the Catholic faith wherein his clerical office could be declared vacant. In stark and unprecedented defiance of Catholic teaching, which defines homosexual acts as “intrinsically evil,” Pope Francis has called for civil union laws for same-sex … Read more

Vatican Mints New Pachamama Coin

The Vatican City State Mint has issued a 10-euro silver coin depicting “Mother Earth” — an image designed for World Earth Day by Bergamo-born sculptor and engraver Luigi Oldani. While the Numismatic Chronicle interpreted the icon as Madre Terra (Mother Earth), the Vatican portrayed it as “a mother carrying the Earth, to which we owe care … Read more

Top Muslim Torpedoes Pope Francis’ Interfaith Dialogue

Italy’s top Muslim leader, whose organization supports Pope Francis’ pact with Islam, is causing acute embarrassment to Catholic apologists of interfaith dialogue after he insulted Jews and Christians as heretics. Yassine Baradai, national secretary of the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy (UCOII) — the largest umbrella organization of the Islamic communities in Italy — sparked outrage after … Read more

Vatican Hails BLM as ‘Non-Violent’

Vatican News is praising Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a “movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience through protests against police violence directed at black persons as well as all forms of racism.” RELATED STORY: Why Supporting Black Lives Matter Is Anti-Christian And Anti-Life “The movement began in 2013 with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter … Read more

Pope’s Day of Blasphemy

Pope Francis’ call for a multifaith day of prayer asking God “to end this pandemic” has provoked a blistering backlash, with thousands of Catholics accusing the pontiff of “syncretism,” “blasphemy” and “sacrilege.” “I would like to remind you that on May 14, believers of every religion are invited to unite themselves spiritually in a day of … Read more

The Pope’s Labor Day Massacre

Pope Francis has sacked six Vatican employees without waiting for their trials to end, while praying on Labor Day “for all workers, so that no one loses their job and everyone is properly paid.” At 9 p.m. on the eve of the Feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of workers, the Holy See Press Office announced in … Read more

Vatican Urges Catholics to Share Ramadan

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is encouraging Christians to join in the Islamic iftar ‘ritual’ meal on the occasion of the Muslim festival of Ramadan. In a Ramadan greeting to “Muslim brothers and sisters” Friday, the Vatican dicastery called upon Christians and Muslims to “protect together” mosques and churches and quoted the prophet Isaiah 56:7 … Read more