Vatican Cleric Claims Catholics Can Be Freemasons

Masonic Grand Master hails pronouncement as breakthrough in reconciliation Eight popes over 200 years in a barrage of 20 legal interdicts have condemned Freemasonry, pronouncing automatic excommunication against any Catholic who becomes a member of a masonic lodge. Now, a new book by an official of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is claiming that a practicing … Read more

Church Historian Says Pope Francis Skating On Thinnest Ice Ever

A distinguished Church historian who fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro is warning that Pope Francis is theologically “skating on the thinnest ice that anyone — not just living, but dead or watching — is.” “It is very rare” for a pope to be accused of unorthodoxy or perhaps even heresy, Carlos M. N. Eire, professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale … Read more

Cardinal Burke Warns of Vatican Push for One-World Government

Pope Francis’ call for a global educational pact at the Vatican in May 2020 is potentially an event to promote a one-world government, a leading traditionalist cardinal is warning. Cardinal Raymond Burke, former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, is also excoriating the Amazon Synod’s motif of “ecological conversion” as a masonic subterfuge to advance a … Read more

Bishop Authorizes Gender-Neutral Baptisms for Gay Couples

A Catholic diocese in northeastern France is endorsing new “gender-neutral” language in ecclesiastical baptismal registers after the bishop issued a letter recommending the removal of all references to “father” and “mother.” The traditional terms for parents will be replaced on a default basis with “the name of the parents or other holders of parental authority.” The bishop of Langres defended the new … Read more

Pope Meets With Notorious Anglican Lesbian Activist

A leading Anglican LGBT activist campaigning to criminalize “reparative therapy” was warmly received by Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta Thursday in the pontiff’s private chapel. Jayne Ozanne, who led the debate banning reparative therapy (counseling to help get rid of unwanted same-sex attraction) in the Church of England’s General Synod, told Pope Francis that that she had tried to make herself straight … Read more

Spanish Celebrity Priest Hosts Pachamama Mass

A television celebrity priest has come under fire for featuring a Pachamama idol in front of the parish altar and permitting Amazon Synod participants to conduct indigenous rituals at his Mass in Menorca, Spain. Father Antoni Fullana Marquès, chaplain and director of the Catalan TV series Humans and vicar of Sant Antoni Maria Claret parish in … Read more

Dutch Bishop Blasts Synod for Promoting Pantheism

Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts: ‘The Amazon Synod considers hugging trees a higher form of spirituality’ A Dutch bishop is condemning the Amazon Synod for attempting to turn the Catholic faith into a “new religion” by “embracing pantheism” and recognizing “pagan superstition as a source of revelation.” Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts of Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands has described the Working … Read more