Swiss Guard Indicts Pope for Vax Blackmail

A soldier who quit the Pontifical Swiss Guard as a conscientious objector is pointing the finger at Pope Francis for discriminating against the guardsmen and blackmailing them into taking the abortion-tainted vaccine. In an explosive interview published Sunday, the 24-year-old Catholic says the order to vaccinate the guardsmen and fire soldiers who resisted came directly … Read more

Pope Francis Bans Unvaxxed From Entering Vatican City

The Vatican will prohibit persons without a COVID-19 digital certificate from entering its sovereign territories starting Oct. 1, the Holy See Press Office announced Monday. The ordinance issued by Cdl. Giuseppe Bertello, president of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and president of the Governorate of Vatican City State, was promulgated on the express … Read more

WATCH: Inventor of mRNA Technology Urges Pope to Rethink Vax Crusade

  An internationally renowned scientist and medical doctor who invented the mRNA vaccine technology is urging Pope Francis to reconsider his vaccine extremism by giving individuals the freedom of choice to accept or reject medical intervention. In an exclusive interview with Church Militant Tuesday, Dr. Robert Malone warned that the “approach of mandated interventions, whether … Read more

Cops Bust Priest in Gay Prostitution Scandal

Italian paramilitary police have arrested a priest for “aggravated child prostitution” after electronic surveillance generated evidence of the homosexual cleric soliciting sex from underage boys “on a daily basis.” Father Vincenzo Esposito, parish priest of San Feliciano in Magione, Perugia, over a hundred miles north of Rome, used digital phone applications like WhatsApp or Messenger … Read more

Francis Cancels Summorum Pontificum

Pope Francis abrogated Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s historic decree on the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) Friday morning, sending seismic shock waves across the Catholic Church. “Previous norms, instructions, permissions and customs that do not conform to the provisions of the present motu proprio are abrogated,” Francis declared in his motu proprio euphemistically titled Traditionis Custodes (Guardians … Read more

Pope to Host Interfaith Prayer at ‘Babel’

Pope Francis’ proposed interreligious prayer service for Muslims, Yazidis, Mandaean-Sabean and other religions at the site of Ur during his Iraq visit is being slammed as more evocative of the “Tower of Babel” than the “House of Abraham.” The Vatican has confirmed that Francis will fly to Nāṣiriya for a March 6 service titled “Prayer … Read more

Pope Bashes Capitol Siege, Vaccine Agnostics

Raging against Capitol Hill rally protestors and COVID-19 vaccine skeptics, Pope Francis announced he will take the abortion-tainted Pfizer jab when the Vatican rolls it out this week. In an interview aired Sunday evening on Italian television’s TG5, Francis said doubting Thomases who refused to take the jab when it was safe possessed a “suicidal … Read more

Vatican to Offer Abortion-Tainted Vaccine

The Vatican is to administer to residents, employees and their families the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Viagra-maker Pfizer — a pharmaceutical giant scarred by the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind. The Holy See’s choice of the Pfizer jab is at variance with Pope Francis’ statements about … Read more

Pope Francis Touts Universal Basic Income

Pope Francis is calling for a universal basic income (UBI) — a proposal denounced by a top Catholic economist as “a radical innovation in Catholic teaching without any obvious roots.” In an extended interview barely mentioning persecuted Uighurs, Rohingya and Yazidi peoples, the pontiff attacks populist leaders and coronavirus lockdown demonstrators while voicing his support … Read more