“Open Borders” USCCB Migration Chair Blasts Biden’s Executive Order

Even though Biden’s order will do little to stem the tide of illegal immigration, Bishop Mark Seitz never misses an opportunity to advocate for open borders Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference Committee on Migration, said in a June 4 statement that the conference is “deeply disturbed” by Biden’s … Read more

Iowa Bishops Blast New State Law To Curb Illegal Migrant Invasion

In response to the nation’s immigration crisis Iowa’s Catholic bishops have taken aim at both state and federal lawmakers, calling on the former to seek alternatives to a new law that allows the state to deport undocumented immigrants back to their home country, and calling on the latter to “do their job” and a find … Read more

‘Open Borders’ Bishop Seitz Claims America Would ‘Grind to a Standstill’ Without Immigrants

Highlighting that American communities would “grind to a standstill” without the labor of undocumented immigrants, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso is encouraging Congress to create more avenues to legal employment authorization for those with pending asylum claims. “Without their contributions, American communities would grind to a standstill,” Seitz said in an April 15 statement. … Read more

GASLIGHTING: Bishops Lobby Against Human Trafficking While Simultaneously Making Millions by Enabling It

Crux reports: Ahead of a House vote on a bipartisan human trafficking prevention bill, American bishops are calling on Catholics to urge their representatives to pass the measure, saying it is “critical for continuing and bolstering our nation’s efforts to eradicate human trafficking.” H.R. 5856, the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act … Read more

Vatican Concludes Investigation into Archbishop John Nienstedt

A Vatican investigation into alleged misconduct by former Saint Paul & Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt has cleared him of committing any canonical crime, but determined that certain “imprudent” actions warranted limitations placed on his ministerial ability. “After reviewing all of the information gathered, the Dicasteries for Bishops and for the Doctrine of the Faith concluded … Read more

U.S. Bishops Worried Congress Will Stop Funding Their Illegal Invasion Gravy Train

  From Crux: U.S. bishops have consistently opposed the “Secure the Border Act of 2023” and the provisions outlined in the “Continuing Appropriations and Border Enhancement Act of 2024” budget proposal. Broglio said in his letter that the provisions are “counterproductive and harmful.” “My brother bishops and I continue to believe that such provisions would … Read more

Albany Bishop Celebrates Funeral for Disgraced Predecessor

At the funeral Mass for Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany said that there is “much to be celebrated,” from Hubbard’s life, while also acknowledging that his predecessor “was not an uncontroversial figure at times.” Scharfenberger made the comments during his homily at the funeral Mass, held at the parish of St. … Read more