Ex-Priest Gets a Year, Boy Victim Gets Life

While this is yet another of scores of articles I’ve written over the last 40 years about pedophile priests who have been convicted for their crimes in Michigan, this story actually contains the words of the victim. The occasion for this news report is the Nov. 8 sentencing of former Michigan priest Timothy Crowley, 74, … Read more

Birmingham Gets Bad Bishop?

The new bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, Steven Raica, is bringing a sordid record with him to the hometown of Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). EWTN was formed by Mother Angelica in large part to oppose much of the agenda of homosexualist and/or dissenting bishops. Raica, who had served as bishop of the Michigan diocese … Read more

Fr. Perrone’s Suspension: A Political Hit Job

One of the more perplexing controversies in the recent history of the archdiocese of Detroit — the July 5 suspension from ministry of Fr. Eduard Perrone for a single allegation of abuse dating back 40 years, based on a “repressed memory” — took a dramatic turn when an Associated Press (AP) reporter suggested that Fr. Perrone has been a protector and enabler of … Read more

Detroit Priest Accused Of Raping 11-Year-Old Also Ran A Gay Massage Service

This article is an effort to fill in some of the background of the news that one of the archdiocese of Detroit’s (AOD) most well-known priests, Fr. Lawrence Ventline, is among the priests named in the May 24 press conference by Michigan’s attorney general, Dana Nessel, who announced five Michigan priests have been arrested on sex abuse … Read more