Priest Urges Catholics to Expose Abusive Clergy Who Have ‘Sold Their Souls to the Devil’

U.S. priest is calling on Catholics to expose abuse by homosexual clerics, urging all victims to step forward and make their voices heard from the parish level all the way to the Vatican. “In union with…prayer and fasting, I am proposing and praying that all victims of clergy abuse, all who witnessed or intimately know … Read more

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Disgruntled with Pope’s Handling of Abuse Crisis

In the wake of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s allegations of a papal coverup of sexual abuse within the Church comes a survey that reveals American Catholics are growing increasingly disenchanted with Pope Francis’ handling of the crisis. A Pew Research Center report released October 1 shows only 31 per cent of American Catholics polled in September thought … Read more

Priest: ‘Evil’ Gay Bishops ‘Persecute, Blackmail’ Faithful Priests Who Might Expose Their Secret

“Evil” homosexual bishops set out to “punish, humiliate and blackmail” decent, God-fearing priests if these threaten to blow the whistle on the gay “mafia” within the Roman Catholic church, says a parish priest. In the bulletin and on the website of the Epiphany of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church, Father Edwin Palka does not mince … Read more