Oklahoma City Archbishop Criticizes State’s New Illegal Immigration Bill

Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City released a statement on April 23 criticizing an anti-illegal immigration bill that he says unnecessarily criminalizes honest people. “According to the bill’s authors, its intent is to target criminal actions committed by some undocumented immigrants in the state, most especially related to illegal marijuana grow … Read more

Catholic Convert Says Same-Sex Attracted People Need to Hear ‘The Hard Truth’

“To diminish God’s word is to undermine what God is capable of doing,” recent Catholic convert Nancy Charles posted on X, challenging Catholics who propose a more “accepting” outreach to same-sex attracted individuals. Charles meant those words in reference to her own life, but she was also speaking about the fact that many Catholics don’t … Read more

Panelists Sidestep Apostolic Tradition Question at Synod Press Briefing

Two Synod participants sidestepped a question about the importance of apostolic tradition and divine revelation during Monday’s Vatican press briefing, choosing instead to emphasize “synodality” and “listening.” Fr. Vimal Tirimanna, a professor of moral theology from Sri Lanka, and Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM, the executive secretary of the International Union of Superiors General, said in … Read more