Why Bishop Fisher Will Likely Not Be Sacked

It was reported recently that concerned Catholics of the Buffalo Diocese have written to the Vatican requesting that Bishop Michael Fisher be removed. Some people familiar with Fisher’s background in the Washington Archdiocese are not surprised with this development.  Just as Cardinal Wilton Gregory was appointed to cover up for disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl who … Read more

WATCH: From Predators to Pastors?

  Cardinal Dolan has New York Catholics unknowingly funding accused sex abusers. More than 3,300 recent sex abuse lawsuits in New York State naming 2 cardinals, 11 bishops, and over 1,100 priests have brought to light explosive new revelations against Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other Church leaders.  After the Child Victims Act and Adult Survivors Act brought to … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Dolan Has Been Desecrating The Temple For Years – Why Are People Just Noticing Now?

The funeral of trans-gender activist Cecilia Gentili at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral sent shockwaves across the media and sparked outrage among many Catholics.  As videos showed pews filled with cross-dressing “worshippers” in provocative attire and participants proclaiming blasphemous words from the ambo, Catholics were scandalized when Cardinal Dolan hailed the celebrant, Father Edward Dougherty, as a … Read more

WATCH: Under Cover of Darkness

  New Sexual Cover-Ups Indict Cardinal Dolan, Bishop Dimarzio and the Vatican Newly-emerged revelations about sexual cover-ups by New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and former Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio are teaching seminarian abuse victims that they cannot trust their superiors to rid their seminaries of sexual predators. A recent Associated Press (AP) article,  “Long after … Read more

Six U.S. Prelates in Need of Laicization

As a sex abuse victims’ advocate, I am often contacted by priests or former seminarians who are unjustly disciplined by bishops, rectors, vocation directors, or pastors for reporting clerical sexual predation or homosexual misconduct. In ​most cases, the ​victims or whistleblower​s ​are heterosexually oriented clerics and seminarians​, while ​the predators,  bishops, and superiors are often closeted homosexual​s. On May 9, … Read more

WATCH: New York Vocations Director Accused of Seminarian Abuse

  Disturbing new sex abuse and cover-up allegations have come to light implicating New York Archdiocese Vocations Director, Father George Sears; then-Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio; and New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Father Sears, who was vice-rector and later rector at Cathedral Seminary House of Formation in Douglaston, NY from 2015-2021, is accused of repeatedly sexually … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans and the Next Papal Conclave

Unlike Catholic laity and most members of the media, Catholic clergy, particularly bishops, are aware of the sexual orientation, and often behavior, of fellow bishops and priests. This was true in the case of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick even though the pope and most U.S. prelates denied having knowledge of “Uncle Ted’s’ proclivity for seminarians and … Read more

The Hidden Agenda Behind Same-Sex Blessings

In order to understand Fiducia Supplicans, the recent Vatican document dealing with the blessing of same-sex couples, it is important to consider the sexual orientation, relationships, writings, and behavior of those who authored it, including Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández. While many have been led to believe the document was composed as a pastoral response to … Read more

An Open Letter to Lay Catholics with Dubia for American and European Clergy

AN OPEN LETTER TO CATHOLIC LAITY WITH DUBIA FOR AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN CLERGY A debate is currently underway in the Catholic Church about the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and the blessing of homosexual couples. Based on news reports,​ bishops from countries in which the majority of Catholic clergy are homosexuals, such as the United States … Read more

The Verdict When a Judge Refuses to Recuse Himself

In November of 2018, Tyler Bishop Joseph Strickland brought up the topic of homosexuality with his brother bishops at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) meeting. He said, “It’s part of our deposit of faith, we believe, that homosexual activity is immoral.” He asked, “How did McCarrick get promoted…if we really are all … Read more