Viganò, Francis and the War on Truth Tellers

The Vatican is drawing outrage from Catholics amid news that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is the target of an extrajudicial criminal Church trial for charges of having “broken communion” with Pope Francis some two weeks after Viganò went public with first-hand knowledge of reports that Francis sexually abused seminarians.  While Viganò is being prosecuted for “schism,” Francis has … Read more

Sex Abuse Questions the Bishops Still Won’t Answer

Open Letter to U.S. Bishops on the Sixth Anniversary of the McCarrick Revelations June 20, 2024 Dear Bishops, On June 20, 2018, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s “open secret” was outed in the media: that he, like more than 150 bishops today, was a homosexual predator who preyed on seminarians, young priests, and minors.  In the following … Read more

WATCH: Who Will Save Our Seminarians?

  Abused Seminarians Betrayed by a Church They Trusted As clergy sex abuse victims mark the six-year anniversary of when ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was outed in the media as a predator who abused seminarians and minors, Church leaders are facing renewed scrutiny as abuses and cover-ups soar in Catholic seminaries. In a new investigative report, … Read more

Shepherds of Souls or Keepers of Secrets?

An independent investigation into the German Diocese of Trier’s handling of sex abuse allegations recently made headlines after concluding that “successive bishops” covered up acts of abuse by predatory priests.  The investigation cites examples of priests like Father Edmund Dillinger, who, shielded by multiple bishops’ cover-ups, escaped punishment and went on to abuse 19 victims from 1961 … Read more

Beware Of Papabile Who Can Be Blackmailed

After spending four years interviewing more than 1,500 cardinals, bishops, and priests, French sociologist Frederic Martel concluded that “80 percent of Vatican clerics are gay.”  Almost all of these homosexuals are living in the closet like Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill who was forced to resign as general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops … Read more

The Ongoing Decline in Priestly Vocations

Emotions ran high on the part of hundreds of Catholic parishioners who gathered recently at a meeting to learn why the archdiocese would be cutting the number of parishes in Baltimore and nearby suburbs from 61 to 21. Such meetings have become more frequent in dioceses throughout the United States and will continue to do … Read more

Why Bishop Fisher Will Likely Not Be Sacked

It was reported recently that concerned Catholics of the Buffalo Diocese have written to the Vatican requesting that Bishop Michael Fisher be removed. Some people familiar with Fisher’s background in the Washington Archdiocese are not surprised with this development.  Just as Cardinal Wilton Gregory was appointed to cover up for disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl who … Read more

WATCH: From Predators to Pastors?

  Cardinal Dolan has New York Catholics unknowingly funding accused sex abusers. More than 3,300 recent sex abuse lawsuits in New York State naming 2 cardinals, 11 bishops, and over 1,100 priests have brought to light explosive new revelations against Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other Church leaders.  After the Child Victims Act and Adult Survivors Act brought to … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Dolan Has Been Desecrating The Temple For Years – Why Are People Just Noticing Now?

The funeral of trans-gender activist Cecilia Gentili at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral sent shockwaves across the media and sparked outrage among many Catholics.  As videos showed pews filled with cross-dressing “worshippers” in provocative attire and participants proclaiming blasphemous words from the ambo, Catholics were scandalized when Cardinal Dolan hailed the celebrant, Father Edward Dougherty, as a … Read more