Viganò Told: “Keep Your Mouth Shut”

By Silencing Viganò, Catholic Media Silence Abuse Victims Some faithful Catholics are voicing disagreement with the Editor of Crisis Magazine, Eric Sammons, after he scolded Archbishop Viganò to “keep your mouth shut” following Viganò’s assertion that he has personal knowledge of reports that Pope Francis sexually abused seminarians. As a sex abuse victims’ advocate who is aware of … Read more

Francis Apologizes to Homosexuals in Record Time While Abuse Victims Are Still Waiting Decades Later

Homosexual activists are enflamed by media reports claiming that Pope Francis used the Italian term “frociaggine”(which translates as “faggotry”) in a recent closed-door meeting with bishops when referring to growing gay cultures in Catholic seminaries.  Amid outcries that Francis “offended” homosexuals, the Pontiff issued an immediate apology just one day after his remarks made headlines. … Read more

We Need Bonhoeffers Instead of Complicit Clerics

German Lutheran pastor and theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is a well-known anti-Nazi dissident whose prophetic preaching against Hitler led to his being stripped of his clothing and led naked into the execution yard of the Flossenbürg concentration camp where he was executed by hanging on 9 April 1945. His life and ministry stand in stark contrast … Read more

“Zero Tolerance” for Abuse Victims

Lafayette Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel has come under fire amid media reports that he excommunicated Deacon Scott Peyton after his teenage son was sexually abused by Lafayette Father Michael Guidry.  Faithful Catholics are slamming Deshotel’s claim that Peyton “sever[ed] ties with the Catholic Church” by writing to him with concerns about clerical sex abuse cover-ups.  … Read more

Donors Giving To Dolan Shocked To Learn Where Their Money Went

A growing number of Catholics are blasting Cardinal Timothy Dolan for launching a multi-million dollar annual stewardship appeal amid scathing new findings that he is making New York parishioners unknowingly fund actively-ministering accused sex abusers.  Slamming Dolan’s request for more than $21 million as a “shameless money grab,” Catholics are vowing to defund the New York Archdiocese until the Vatican defrocks the scandal-plagued … Read more

The Pope, the Bishops and the Blessing of Homosexual Unions

One of the major reasons a number of former Episcopal clergy converted to Catholicism was because of the Catholic Church’s teaching that views homosexual behavior as contrary to the natural and divine laws. While some of these converts found that they could not work for gay and lesbian bishops, they did not expect to find … Read more

The Homosexual Mafia in High School Seminary

As a sex abuse victims’ advocate and investigative reporter, I have encountered many cases which led me to conclude that the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is the result in part of a seriously flawed seminary recruitment and formation program that prescribes, but does not often enforce celibacy on the part of seminarians, … Read more

Open Letter To Catholic Media Complicit In The Cover-Up Of Sexual Abuse

April 2, 2022 Dear Shannon Mullen (Catholic News Agency), Jeanette De Melo (National Catholic Register), Greg Erlandson (Catholic News Service), Joshua McElwee (National Catholic Reporter), John L. Allen, Jr. (CRUX), JD Flynn and Ed Condon (The Pillar), The faith of victims of clerical sexual predation, as well as those who were reprised against for exposing … Read more