WATCH: The Church’s Enemies Are Inside Her Gates, But Remain Faithful!

  Catholics Unscripted – Gavin Ashenden, Katherine Bennett and Mark Lambert – speak with Bishop Joseph Strickland about the current crisis in the Church. Bishop Strickland discusses the contradictions and confusion within the Catholic Church. He addresses the authoritarian approach of some US bishops compared to the open heretical positions of bishops in other countries. The … Read more

LISTEN: Politically-Incorrect Catholicism, with John Zmirak and Gavin Ashenden

Dr Gavin Ashenden is joined by John Zmirak, a senior editor of The Stream and author of the new Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, to discuss the new novelties “gathering slime” in the West and within the Catholic Church. Zmirak is the author, co-author, or editor of twelve books, including Wilhelm Ropke: Swiss Localist, Global … Read more

WATCH: Russell Brand, Pope Francis, Heaven and Hell

  Please visit and check out our membership options. Thank you. Today we discuss Russell Brand explaining why he wears a cross and Pope Francis remarks about Hell. In the episode, Katherine quotes the following passage from CS Lewis and Gavin quotes some words from Annie Dillard (both can be found below) “Men are … Read more

WATCH: Is the Pope a Communist?

  In this episode, Katherine Gavin and Mark discuss the question of whether Pope Francis is a communist in the light of his recent meeting with DIALOP – a “dialogue project” between socialists/Marxists, communists, and Christians which he set up in 2014. They explore the connection between Pope Francis and liberation theology, highlighting the concerns … Read more

What Are We To Make Of The Exotic And Sensually Esoteric Theology Of Cardinal Fernandez?

The exotic contents of Mystical Passion: spirituality and sensuality written 25 years ago by now-Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández have been well covered in the Catholic press by now. Responses have ranged from a mixture of horror at what appears to be an exercise in theological pornography at one end, to at the other a sympathetic reminder that sex and … Read more

WATCH: Shock, Despair and Reassessment: Fiducia Supplican and the Threat to Catholic Integrity

  Dr. Gavin Ashenden is a British Catholic layman, author and commentator, and Associate Editor of the Catholic Herald. Before his conversion to the Catholic faith, Dr. Ashenden was a priest of the Church of England, and subsequently a continuing Anglican bishop, he was appointed Chaplain to the Queen from 2008 until his resignation in … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans: An Exercise in Smoke and Mirrors, where Spin becomes Substance and Appearance Reality

St John Henry Newman once considered the possibility of the crisis that would emerge if a Church council or a pope introduced a doctrine that contradicted a previous council or a pope. It would shatter the notion of doctrinal development. At first sight the recent document Fiducia Supplicans suggests that this might have happened. Commentators have been … Read more

Who Would Choose to be a Catholic at a Time Like This?

The phoney war is over. Civil war has been launched within the Church by Pope Francis and his recent appointee Cardinal Victor Fernandez. Many of the recent theological and political tremors that have emanated under the leadership of the Pope have produced a degree of incoherence and uncertainty. But the ambiguity is now over. Secular … Read more

LISTEN: No One Dies a Martyr for Ambiguity – Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is our guest for this 64th episode of Merely Catholic, the podcast series for the Catholic Herald. The Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, talks about his new book, Credo: The Compendium of the Catholic Faith, a catechism commissioned by the US-based Sophia Institute Press, and why the bold and clear iteration of … Read more