Fr. Thomas Weinandy: God’s Blessings and Magisterial Teaching

Yesterday, Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, published a Declaration, with the signed approval of Pope Francis, entitled Fiducia Supplicans, “On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings.” This Declaration articulated the importance of blessings in Biblical, historical, and ecclesial perspectives. The Declaration states that it “remains firm on … Read more

Three Theologians on the Pope’s ‘Paradigm’ Shift in Theology

What’s It Really About? Larry Chapp Pope Francis has released a new “Motu Proprio” about how to do theology in the modern context, Ad theologiam promovendam, which makes the case that theology must no longer be from a “desk” and must no longer be merely “abstractly re-proposing formulas and schemes of the past.” Theology must … Read more

Pope Francis and Schism Re-Visited

Much has happened since I first published my original article, “Pope Francis and Schism,” in The Catholic Thing on October 8, 2019. What has taken place in the intervening years has confirmed many of the points I made then.   Here, at Robert Royal’s request, I would like to revisit and expand upon several of … Read more