The Pharisaical Word-Games of U.S. Bishops

The Catholic Church has always had blessings for people and items.  Blessings for people are usually for individuals, but occasionally a priest may bless groups living in a vocation designed by God (like a family.) Blessings for items can be anything from a vehicle to a crucifix. But there is a new heretical document from … Read more

Is Fr. Altman a Sedevacantist?

A sedevacantist is defined as a Catholic who believes there has not been a valid Pope since 1958. Fr. Jim Altman is not a sedevacantist. I know Fr. Altman in real life. We have mutual friends who are sedevacantists and we admire them, but we are not in that camp. To recap: Sedevacantist in Latin … Read more