Author Presents Evidence Pope Francis Used Family Synods to Steer Church to Accept Homosexuality

Dr. Frédéric Martel, the homosexual French author of the new book In the Closet of the Vatican, claimed in his chapter titled “The Synod” how Pope Francis launched his “secret plan” to steer the Church toward accepting adultery and homosexuality during the two Synods on the Family. Martel highlighted the crucial role in the synods of … Read more

Belgian Catholic Sex Abuse Study Finds 76% of Priests’ Victims Were Male

Under the leadership of Cardinal Jozef de Kesel of Brussels, the Catholic Church in Belgium just published a report on sex abuse similar to one recently released in Germany. The report found that in more than 1,000 cases, 76 percent of the abuse victims were male., the news website of the German Bishops’ Conference, reports that … Read more

Author Claims Book Will Expose Vatican To Be ‘One of Largest’ Homosexual Networks in the World

A press release that is to be published tomorrow in several different languages announces more disclosures about the content of the book In the Closet of the Vatican which itself aims at revealing that there now exists in the Vatican “one of the largest homosexual communities in the world” (according to the French version of the press … Read more

Pope’s Preacher at U.S. Bishops Retreat Condemned ‘Riches’, But Silent On Homosexuality and Abuse

The preacher of the papal household sent by Pope Francis to lead the pope-ordered spiritual retreat for the U.S. bishops from January 2-8 in Mundelein, Chicago, hardly touched sexual abuse or homosexuality but spent much time speaking about the evils of riches. Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, claimed in his talks that he was not “competent” … Read more

Cardinal: Pope is ‘Ice Cold, Sly Machiavellian, and, What is Worse – He Lies’

The German magazine Der Spiegel, one of the most influential political magazines in Europe, published a report on the failures of the papacy of Francis. LifeSiteNews already summed up the parts of this report about the involvement of Pope Francis in a cover-up of abuse cases in Argentina. But the Spiegel authors also make a report from their conversations with unnamed prelates in … Read more

Cardinal Müller: Priests ‘Rightly Disobey’ Bishops Who Order Them to Give Protestants Communion

Recently, when supportively presenting to his diocese the new German guidelines concerning Communion for some Protestants, the German Bishop Felix Genn of Münster has claimed that “As pastoral caretakers, we do not have the right to allow or to deny access to the Eucharist. It is irreconcilable, strictly, to deny Holy Communion.” As a direct … Read more

Cardinal Müller Doubles Down on Link Between Clerical Abuse and Homosexuality

In a new 27 November interview, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has restated his claim that homosexuality and clerical sexual abuse are clearly linked. He also says that, if there should be in fact a homosexual lobby in the Vatican, these persons’ own “doings should be strictly prohibited,” due to the “immense damage” they cause. Cardinal Müller, the … Read more

McCarrick’s Online Footprint Suggests He was Deeply Involved in Doing Pope’s Bidding

In light of the recently published book by the unofficial papal spokesman Andrea Tornielli – who now claims against Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò that Pope Francis did not give McCarrick any “official” tasks during his pontificate – it might be worthwhile to review briefly some of the evidence published online that points to McCarrick’s influential role under … Read more

Did Relaxing Canon Law Contribute to the Clerical Abuse Crisis?

A prelate, a canon lawyer, and a theologian say sexually abusive priests should be excommunicated. A look into the new 1983 Code of Canon Law shows that the Church, with that code’s promulgation, introduced a laxer way of dealing with priestly child molesters and priests who are practicing homosexuals. This lenient change had grave consequences. Archbishop … Read more

Dubia Cardinal Cites ‘Windswept House’ in Reference to Current Church Crisis

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, a German prelate and dubia signer, recently published an article in German in which he discusses the abuse crisis and especially the U.S. laity’s response and resistance to it. This cardinal strongly supports the laity’s role and points to other times in the Church’s history where the laity’s contribution was crucial for … Read more