Diane Montagna Interviews Edward Feser on ‘Dignitas infinita’

DIANE MONTAGNA (DM): Dignitas infinita opens by asserting that: “Every human person possesses an infinite dignity, inalienably grounded in his or her very being, which prevails in and beyond every circumstance, state, or situation the person may ever encounter.” Yet St. Thomas Aquinas writes: “God alone is of infinite dignity, and so he alone, in … Read more

Francis and Fernandez Play Word Games With Fiducia Supplicans

From Diane Montagna via Twitter (X). Note on #FiduciaSupplicans: The English translation of n. 38 uses the noun “individuals”. The Italian original uses the demonstrative pronoun “costoro,” meaning “for them”. All other translations except English use a pronoun meaning “for them”. Corresponding phrases highlighted👇 pic.twitter.com/bdI37qsVUW — Diane Montagna (@dianemontagna) January 21, 2024

Bishop Schneider on Fiducia Supplicans: “A Mockery of the Natural and Revealed Law of God”

As a strong and steady backlash to the Vatican’s declaration on blessings for same-sex couples continues to flow in from Catholic Bishops around the world, Bishop Athanasius Schneider is referring to the document as “a mockery of the natural and revealed law of God.” In his first print interview since the December 18 release of … Read more

Mercy Strikes Again: The Unjust Treatment of Cardinal Burke

The cardinals are originally, and still ceremonially, the clergy of the Church of Rome: the bishops of the suffragan dioceses, the parish priests, and the deacons attendant upon the Roman Pontiff. Most cardinals are cardinal priests. The word “priest” means “elder”, like the Latin word “senator”, and the cardinals have often been compared to, and … Read more

Francis Drafting New Document to Reform the Papal Conclave

The Remnant has learned that a Vatican document is currently under review by Pope Francis that would reform the papal conclave to exclude cardinals over the age of eighty from its preparatory phase, radically reshape the General Congregations, and potentially revolutionize who elects the Pope by having laity and women religious comprise twenty-five percent of … Read more

Synod Bishop Wants to Set Aside Apostolic Tradition

A German bishop participating in the Synod on Synodality challenged the idea that the Catholic community in his country is at odds with the universal Church — and reasserted that it will continue to play a role in the ongoing discussions in Rome about the Church’s future. Speaking at the Synod press briefing Saturday afternoon, … Read more

Two Peas in a Pod: Fr. James Martin and Cynthia Bailey Manns Assigned to Same Synod Team on LGBTQ+ Issues

Diane Montagna reports on Twitter that Fr. James Martin and Cynthia Bailey Manns have been assigned to Table 28 which will discuss the Instrumentum Laboris B 1.2 Worksheet on “LGBTQ+” issues. .@JamesMartinSJ & Cynthia Bailey Manns (from controversial St Joan of Arc Community) have been assigned by @Synod_va to same small group (Table 28) in … Read more