Biden: Cafeteria Catholic or Something Far More Dangerous?

Joe Biden, in addition to holding the exalted title of President of the United States of America, holds a number of informal and unofficial titles.  For instance: Head of the Democratic Party. Commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. The second Catholic President of the USA. Leader of the free world. Father of Hunter Biden. “Cafeteria … Read more

Of Trojan Horses and Sexual Compassion

In the discussion among its citizens just outside the walls of Troy, there were various opinions as to what to do with the strange “gift” that had been left by the departing Greeks.  “I don’t trust Greeks,” said some, “even when bearing gifts.”  But others, and they proved to be the majority, said, “What harm … Read more

Bishops Strike-Out in Baltimore

In baseball, some batters are known as “clutch hitters.” In ordinary situations, they may be no better than .275 hitters. Not bad, but nothing special. But in extraordinary situations, situations in which the game is on the line, they often rise to the occasion and temporarily become the equivalent of .350 or .375 or even … Read more

Two Systems of Morality

All systems of morality will have a place for both the idea of moral duty and the idea of moral rights.  But some systems will put duty in the first place while others will put rights in the first place.  And so we’ll have two contrasting systems depending on which has the primacy: a morality … Read more

Who Has the Passionate Intensity?

It frequently happens that a small but very determined and very well-organized group overcomes a much larger group that is less determined and poorly organized.  Think of something we’ve seen in the movies – a train robbery in the Old West.  A half-dozen armed robbers stop a train and deprive its 500 passengers of their … Read more