He’s Not Laughing Now: Court Ruling Devastating Blow for Dolan’s Archdiocese

A state appellate court delivered a devastating blow to the Archdiocese of New York in a unanimous decision Tuesday that found the Catholic organization’s longtime insurer can move forward with its case challenging whether its policies covered claims for systemic child sexual abuse that may have been enabled and covered up by church leaders for … Read more

Albany Diocese Offered $20M For ‘Global Settlement’ With Victims Of Abuse

A longtime attorney for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany inadvertently disclosed during a court conference last week that it had recently offered $20 million toward a “global settlement” involving hundreds of alleged child sexual abuse victims who have filed claims against the organization or the priests and other employees accused of sexually assaulting them. … Read more

Judge Orders Archdiocese to Turn Over Records on Howard Hubbard

A state Supreme Court justice has ordered the Archdiocese of New York to turn over roughly 1,400 pages of internal records related to its investigations of Howard J. Hubbard, rejecting the organization’s arguments that the documents regarding the former Albany bishop are constitutionally protected under the religious clauses of the First Amendment. State Supreme Court … Read more