Swiss Bishop: Pope Francis is Undermining Church Teaching Under ‘Democratic’ Pretenses

It is becoming increasingly clear (cf. Cardinal Fernández’s latest statements on Facebook and his response to Cardinal Duka’s dubia) what the newly propagated concept of “synodality” is really about: the dissolution of independent, hierarchical, ecclesiastical authority in terms of doctrine and governance. The ecclesiastical hierarchy is to be leveled in its exercise into democratic – … Read more

Swiss Bishop Condemns the Synod on Synodality as a ‘Marketing Campaign’ for Heresy

The Church has not been on the wrong track for 2000 years to be enlightened and corrected in our days by a synodal process in the 21st century. For that, we need neither a third Vatican Council nor a slimmed-down substitute event called the “Synod on Synodality.” I thought, as the title says, that the … Read more