Archbishop Aguer: Pope Francis’ Vatican has ‘Adopted the Ideology of the French Revolution’

“Pope summons 30 Nobel Prize winners to reflect on fraternity,” reads a La Prensa headline of a story from the outlet EFE. It refers to the recent “World Meeting on Human Fraternity,” whose theme was “Be Human.” The objective was “to elaborate a new worldwide Pact of Fraternity and a new code of the human … Read more

Archbishop Agüer: Synodal Cancellations

The progressive official party installed in Rome for just over a decade goes on in its policy of “cancellation” of those who, with freedom of spirit, seek to serve Jesus Christ in orthodoxy and Tradition. By “cancellation” one means all forms of ignoring, conspiracy of silence, marginalization, prohibition of publishing in media and social media, … Read more

Archbishop Aguer: Church Leaders Failing to Preach the Gospel to Young People

Monsignor Jorge García Cuerva, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, celebrated a Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral at the beginning of the 2024 school year. I read in La Prensa that he asked “young people who are disillusioned not to leave the country, and to do everything possible to build the Argentina they desire.” I noticed the … Read more

Archbishop Aguer: Confusion Of Francis’ Papacy Has Only Worsened As He’s Gotten Older

Philosophy has coined the following observation about processes that is particularly valid for change: motus in fine velocior, i.e., movement speeds up toward the end. Beyond the realm of physics, this should be understood as referring to the metaphysical identity and quality of any process near its end, near the fulfillment toward which it is … Read more

Argentine Archbishop: Francis’ Document Must Not Be Obeyed

The Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith has become a Dicastery of confusion. This is precisely what the Argentinean Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández promotes. Not only the confusion of the faithful, but also of world opinion. Now he is once again giving occasion for debate with the publication of the declaration Fiducia supplicans, on … Read more

Archbishop Aguer: Pope Francis Targets Good Bishops Because He Is ‘Uncomfortable With Tradition’

In faraway Buenos Aires, the story appeared on a television newscast: the Pope evicted Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke from his apartment in a Vatican-owned building on the Via della Conciliazione. The news report, somewhat fleeting, was illustrated by an image of His Eminence in the cardinal’s habit. The pontiff’s measure was a reaction to one … Read more

Archbishop Agüer: Why Does Francis Hate Good Priests?

Several priests who follow the teachings of Pope Francis with attention have expressed to me their dismay and sorrow because they have recorded how often His Holiness denigrates priests. He has called them “bitter (cod-faced), spinsters, sacramental clerks, ambitious, gossipers, climbers…,” and other denigrating epithets. A lack of justice and charity. There are thousands of … Read more

Archbishop Aguer: The Synod on Synodality is Leading Souls from the Truth of Christ and His Church

Synod is the exact translation of the Greek noun synodos. It is interesting to collect the elements from which the word is formed: syn, as an adverb, means “whole, all together, at the same time,” and as a preposition it can be translated “with, by means of.” The noun synodos, indicates gathering, assembly, and also … Read more