Shepherds of Souls or Keepers of Secrets?

An independent investigation into the German Diocese of Trier’s handling of sex abuse allegations recently made headlines after concluding that “successive bishops” covered up acts of abuse by predatory priests.  The investigation cites examples of priests like Father Edmund Dillinger, who, shielded by multiple bishops’ cover-ups, escaped punishment and went on to abuse 19 victims from 1961 … Read more

WATCH: Ralph Martin Asks “Do Bishops Loves President Biden Enough?”

Ralph Martin talks about the strong concern the Holy Spirit put into his soul for the salvation of President Biden, and how important it is that those in authority in the Church love him enough to confront this dangerous and scandalous situation.     TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Koenig and Cardinal Gregory and urge them … Read more

Biden the Apostate

Cardinal Wilton Gregory calls President Biden a ‘Cafeteria Catholic’, but will he actually deny him Holy Communion? St. Augustine once commented on the distinction between the heavenly city and the Earthly city, writing, “Two cities have been formed by two loves: the earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God; and … Read more

Prominent Catholics React to ‘Scandalous’ SOTU – Biden’s Bishops Complicit in Their Silence

Delaware’s William Koenig and Washington’s Wilton Gregory are complicit in Biden’s sins with their silence. Many prominent Catholics took to X (formerly Twitter) Thursday to slam President Joe Biden after he delivered his final State of the Union Address before facing voters in November. The president spent a significant amount of time during the first … Read more

Six U.S. Prelates in Need of Laicization

As a sex abuse victims’ advocate, I am often contacted by priests or former seminarians who are unjustly disciplined by bishops, rectors, vocation directors, or pastors for reporting clerical sexual predation or homosexual misconduct. In ​most cases, the ​victims or whistleblower​s ​are heterosexually oriented clerics and seminarians​, while ​the predators,  bishops, and superiors are often closeted homosexual​s. On May 9, … Read more

Rome, We Have a Problem

If ever there were an emergency message to Rome, this is it. It might have been the SOS a year ago as some bishops witnessed large numbers of other bishops using their pastoral canonical privilege to bypass the iron-fisted prescriptions of Traditionis Custodes. But it is certainly the frightened alert in light of the Extraordinary … Read more

Cardinal Gregory, Why Must Children Take Abortion-Tainted Jabs To Get A Catholic Education In DC?

If the Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) wants to observe National Catholic Schools Week this year, it might start by realigning its administrative policies with the teachings of the Catholic Church. This includes not only the responsibility to uphold the dignity of human life from conception until natural death, but also rights of conscience – particularly … Read more

McCarrick’s Former Diocese, Now Lead By His Protégé, Challenges Child Abuse Victims Act

The Archdiocese of Washington is challenging the constitutionality of Maryland’s new Child Victims Act. The 2023 legislation took effect in October and lifts the statute of limitations for lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse, much akin to legislation approved in numerous other states. The Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Archdiocese of Washington, which together with the … Read more

LISTEN: Cardinal Gregory, Are You An Active Homosexual?   On this week’s episode of The Angry Catholic, Fr. Michael Briese and Gene Gomulka join Paul and Chris to discuss three subjects: Fr. Briese apology on behalf of the Church to you and future generations (3:45) Sexual abuse victims suffer while predators thrive (20:00) Cardinal Gregory is confronted with the question: are you … Read more

Cardinal Gregory and the ‘Dominant’ Rite

“Tradition dies a slow death, sometimes a bloody death,” said Cardinal Wilton Gregory told an audience at Catholic University earlier this month. Well, if tradition dies, so too does the authority of Cardinal Gregory. Think about it: What authority does any bishop have, apart from the fact that he represents the sacred tradition of the … Read more