WATCH: Lay Catholics Confront Biden’s Bishop Over His Silence

  Bishop Francis Malooly is the Bishop of Wilmington, Delaware, the diocese in which Joe Biden resides. Malooly has remained silent for YEARS as Biden has supported the intrinsic evils of abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’ Other Catholic clerics have publicly voiced their concerns about Joe Biden’s support for these issues, but not Bishop Malooly, who … Read more

WATCH: Biden’s Baneful Bishop

Malooly, a registered Democrat, has remained silent about Biden’s public sins. If anyone could have strengthened Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Catholic faith and affected the course of history, it is his bishop, William Francis Malooly. For the last 12 years, Malooly has been the former vice president’s shepherd in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden’s home diocese. It … Read more