Archbishop Lori Battled Against Release Of Abuse Documents For Nearly 8 Years: ‘I Fought The Good Fight’

As bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Most Rev. William E. Lori fought for nearly eight years — all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court — to prevent the wide release of information about the history of child sexual abuse in that branch of the Catholic Church. The soft-spoken prelate argued in the case two … Read more

Sexual Abuse Survivors Call for Answers Amid Baltimore Sexual Abuse Probe

Survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic Church leaders rallied in front of Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh’s office, calling for the release of preliminary findings of an investigation into the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Teresa Lancaster said she was interviewed four years ago upon the launch of the investigation. She told investigators she was abused at … Read more

Bishops Will Seek “Middle Way” on Communion

  Canon 915 and 916 are clear, but leave it up to the U.S. Bishops to obfuscate the issue when it comes to giving Holy Communion to Catholic politician who support abortion.   The most hotly anticipated moment might be when a committee that has been asked to take a fresh look at the practice … Read more

Archbishop Lori Complicit With Gay Network

Before becoming the archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori as then-bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut was harboring in his diocese gay priests who would meet up with seminarians at local gay bars in the Bridgeport and New Haven areas. Following an explosive 2012 investigation that revealed a clandestine pipeline was being used to pack U.S. seminaries with homosexuals, the diocese of Bridgeport has … Read more

Archbishop Lori Fails to Mention the U.S. Bishops’ ‘Preeminent Issue’ of Abortion While Offering Voting Advice to Catholics

Baltimore’s Abp. William Lori isn’t mentioning the word abortion when giving direction to U.S. voters. In an op-ed published Friday in the archdiocese’s mouthpiece, the Catholic Review, Lori’s guidance did begin with attacks on society’s “most vulnerable,” which pro-lifers would understand to mean unborn babies who were slaughtered in the womb. “In casting our vote, we need to think first of those … Read more

Catholic Teachers Threatened in Pronoun Confusion

The Baltimore archdiocese is demanding a Catholic school use male pronouns for a third-grade girl who says she is a boy. Denise Ball, assistant superintendent of Catholic schools in the Baltimore archdiocese, threatened teachers at School of the Incarnation in Maryland with termination if they do not address a third-grade female student as a boy … Read more

Baltimore’s Bishop Lori Hires Outspoken Pro-LGBT, Pro–Black Lives Matter Adviser on Racism

An archbishop has hired a “diversity and inclusion” consultant who is unabashedly pro-LGBT; supports the Marxist, pro-abortion, anti-family Black Lives Matter movement; and sees Republicans as evil to help him “grapple with racial tension” in a city that has long been plagued with racial unrest and violence. Baltimore archbishop William E. Lori announced in a … Read more

Protest Planned After Archbishop Lori Fails To Cancel ‘Scandalous’ Retreat For ‘Gay’ Clergy

A U.S. prelate appears reluctant to scratch a retreat for “gay” bishops, priests, deacons, and religious brothers scheduled to take place in his archdiocese despite calls for its cancellation from concerned Catholics who see the event as a dangerous affirmation of homosexual identity by those who wear Roman collars. Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore is … Read more

W.Va. Scandal Muddies Legacy of Vatican’s Longtime Fixer from Baltimore

Late last summer, Vatican officials realized they had an uncontainable mess — four whistleblowing priests alleging financial and sexual misconduct by the bishop of West Virginia. So they did what Catholic officials have done for decades: They turned to William Lori. From Rome and Washington to Connecticut and then Baltimore, where he is now archbishop, … Read more

Facing Financial Boycott, Diocese of West Virginia Agrees to Hire New Auditor and Make Findings Public

A few days before protesting West Virginia Catholics were to begin withholding financial giving over alleged misconduct, diocesan leaders agreed to some of their demands, including hiring a new auditor and making that person’s findings public, an organizing laypersons’ group said Wednesday. That would give West Virginia Catholics the first look at the unusually hefty … Read more