Biden: Cafeteria Catholic or Something Far More Dangerous?

Joe Biden, in addition to holding the exalted title of President of the United States of America, holds a number of informal and unofficial titles.  For instance: Head of the Democratic Party. Commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. The second Catholic President of the USA. Leader of the free world. Father of Hunter Biden. “Cafeteria … Read more

WATCH: Ralph Martin Asks “Do Bishops Loves President Biden Enough?”

Ralph Martin talks about the strong concern the Holy Spirit put into his soul for the salvation of President Biden, and how important it is that those in authority in the Church love him enough to confront this dangerous and scandalous situation.     TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Koenig and Cardinal Gregory and urge them … Read more

Cardinal Burke Condemns ‘Scandal’ of Communion for Pro-Abort Politicians

Giving forthright comments on a number of current issues in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Raymond Burke condemned the practice of giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, as well as noting that the traditional Mass is in a state of “persecution.” “This is what is referred to as scandal,” he said April 23, commenting on the … Read more

WATCH: ‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Signs Himself with the Cross at a Pro-Abortion Event

President Joe Biden drew criticism on Tuesday for drawing attention to his Catholic faith by making the sign of the cross at a campaign event promoting abortion access in Florida. Biden was in Florida to attack his likely opponent in the 2024 presidential race, former President Donald Trump, over his support for the Supreme Court’s … Read more

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden ‘Plans to Spend Every Day’ till the Election Focusing on Abortion – Meanwhile, His Bishop is Silent

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign “plans to spend every day until November 5” hammering the issue of abortion and painting former President Donald Trump and Republicans as extreme, the Washington Post reported. Biden campaign officials reportedly see abortion as a “potential silver bullet” and hope the issue will “mobilize their core voters, bring disaffected voters … Read more

TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishop Koenig to Excommunicate Joe Biden

Joe Biden not only proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, he also banned Christian-themed designs from being submitted to the White House’s Easter-themed art contest.  In March, LifeSite News called for the excommunication of Joe Biden due to his anti-Catholic positions in support of abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.  Archbishop Viganò has also now … Read more

Prominent Catholics React to ‘Scandalous’ SOTU – Biden’s Bishops Complicit in Their Silence

Delaware’s William Koenig and Washington’s Wilton Gregory are complicit in Biden’s sins with their silence. Many prominent Catholics took to X (formerly Twitter) Thursday to slam President Joe Biden after he delivered his final State of the Union Address before facing voters in November. The president spent a significant amount of time during the first … Read more