WATCH: No Justice in Diocese of La Crosse

Your browser does not support the video tag. Elapsed time since Monsignor Burrill’s homosexual misconduct was exposed and Bishop Callahan has failed to remove his priestly faculties Most Catholics who care about such things (which is still way too few) know all about the case of Fr. James Altman — who got very publicly kicked … Read more

Cardinal Gregory Distances Himself From Monsingor Burrill

In a recent parish bulletin, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill was featured as a visiting presider at Our Lady of Mercy in Potomac, Maryland.  Burrill was forced to resign as the USCCB’s general secretary for sexual misconduct. When an astute Twitter follower raised a question about Burrill’s appearance at the parish in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, … Read more

Yet Another Example of Homo-Hearsay Hypocrisy

Bishop Callahan did not hesitate to remove the priestly faculties of Fr. James Altman, but has been reluctant to do so for disgraced Monsignor Burrill. Elapsed time since Monsignor Burrill’s homosexual misconduct was exposed and Bishop Callahan failure to remove his priestly faculties   The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) general secretary, Monsignor … Read more

LISTEN: Lay Catholics Pour Out Their Hearts to Bishop Callahan Regarding Fr. James Altman

  Concerned Catholics from around the world have been trying to contact Bishop William Callahan regarding his decision to cancel Fr. James Altman. Some are encountering problems trying reach the bishop on his diocesan phone number. In response, we established a voicemail box for people to leave messages that are then published on our website. … Read more

WATCH: Obedience Has Limits

Your browser does not support the video tag.   Now that Bp. William Callahan of La Crosse has staked his claim against a good priest — stripping Fr. James Altman of his faculties — the gauntlet has been thrown down. This crooked hierarchy means to silence all opposition toward it, concealing its evil behind noble themes like “obedience” … Read more

Bishop Callahan CANCELS Fr. Altman

Bishop William J. Callahan, the bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, today issued a decree removing Fr. James Altman as pastor of St. James the Less and suspending his faculties as a priest.  Fr. Altman has suspected for some time that his removal was forthcoming, but plans to fight the order.  Fr. Altman cares for his … Read more

WATCH: Shocking New Allegations in Lawsuit Against Cardinal Dolan and North American College – Implicates Over 30 U.S. and Vatican Bishops

Accusations include orgy involving two sitting U.S. Bishops New bombshell allegations have emerged in a lawsuit naming New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan; the Archdiocese of New York; the Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome; the NAC rector, Illinois-priest Father Peter Harman; the NAC vice-rector, Washington D.C.-priest Father Adam Park; and others.   In New … Read more

How One ‘Ineffective’ Priest Raise Over $500,000 In Just 4 Days

UPDATE: As of 06/01/2021, total donations have exceeded $625,000. In his letter requesting the resignation of Fr. James Altman, Bishop William Callahan called Altman “divisive and ineffective.” In the four days since Fr. Altman originally made Bishop Callahan letter public, this “ineffective” priest has managed to raise over half a million dollars. As of this … Read more