AS EXPECTED: Tucho Says No “Witch Hunt” for Priests Who Violate Fiducia Supplicans

Cardinal Victor Fernandez has again insisted that the Vatican directive Fiducia Supplicans does not allow for blessings of homosexual unions, but admitted that some priests may improperly provide such blessings. Reporting on his recent meeting with Coptic Pope Tawadros II, who had strongly rejected the Vatican directive, Cardinal Fernandez said that he had assured the … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans is ‘Crowning Achievement’ of ‘LGBT Lobby’ in the Church

In a newly published book, two theologians outline that Cardinal Fernández’s appointment to the Vatican and his Fiducia Supplicans text are the “crowning achievement” of the pro-homosexual movement and the “powerful LGBT lobby” within the Catholic Church. Published May 27, a book entitled “The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement” outlines … Read more

Bishop Abruptly Resigns from Tucho’s Former Diocese

Archbishop Gabriel Antonio Mestre stood down as the Metropolitan Archbishop of La Plata May 27, at the age of 55, two decades ahead of the typical retirement age for diocesan bishops. Mestre had previously served as bishop of the similarly named Diocese of Mar del Plata from 2017 to 2023, when he was named Archbishop … Read more

Fernández Attempts to Mend Relationship with Coptic Church in Wake of Disastrous Fiducia Supplicans

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, who heads the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), met with the leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church to discuss a rift caused by the recent Vatican declaration that permits nonliturgical blessings for same-sex couples. RELATED: Coptic Church Terminates Ecumenical Dialogue With Catholic Church Over Homosexual ‘Blessings’ In March … Read more

Vatican Silences God?

Well, the latest shoot-from-the-hip blast from Tucho “Heal Me with Your Mouth” Fernández dropped today, and I had the sad impression that the anti-Catholic caricature of Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor had finally come to life. In the story, Our Lord Jesus Himself appears in Spain in the days of High Christendom and works a miracle. He’s … Read more

The Long Term Ramifications of Dignitas Infinita?

As readers are aware, last month Dignitas infinita was published. I do not wish to enter into a systematic critique, which Edward Feser, Jeanne Smits, and Peter Kwasniewski have already done very well. Rather, today I want to look at the method, the aftermath, the grounds (for that aftermath), and the motivations. In terms of … Read more

Tucho Spills the Beans: Fiducia Supplicans was Issued to Prevent Derailment of the Synod

The Fiducia supplicans declaration (discussed, criticized and disapproved by a multitude of bishops and Episcopal Conferences) had a very specific motivation that we will see in October if it achieves its objective or not. This week, the National Catholic Reporter reported statements by Cardinal Mario Grech, general secretary of the synod, where he confirmed at … Read more

Papabili(ty): The Cardinals Who Have Seen Their Prospects in the Next Conclave Harmed and Improved by Recent Events

Stock markets are notoriously fickle, forever expanding or contracting on the basis of whatever new wind happens to blow. Let a coup occur in Bahrain, and the Dow may drop 100 points over fears about oil production; should the US land a new rover on Mars, the NASDAQ may soar amid rising confidence in American … Read more

‘Tucho’ Opens Up On His Disastrous Doctrinal Declarations

The Vatican press conference to introduce Dignitas Infinita was that rare thing in the history of Vatican press conferences – it was interesting. Not thanks to the document itself, which was a hodge-podge of things-we-already-knew, but because it was the first press conference given by Cardinal Victor Fernandez, known as Tucho, the new head of the Dicastery … Read more

Dignitas Infinita: Vatican’s New Word Salad Contains Broken Glass

Dignitas Infinita Claims Deportation Is Just as Evil as Slavery There’s a new document from the Vatican, called Dignitas Infinita. It claims that by virtue of being created in God’s image, we each possess “infinite dignity” unaffected by original or even personal sin. So Hell is probably empty. And Christ really didn’t need to be … Read more