Bishop Steven Raica

Current Role Bishop of Birmingham Official Web Site: Mailing Address: 2121 3rd Ave. North, Birmingham, AL 35203; P.O. Box 12047, Birmingham, AL 35202-2047, USA Telephone: (205)838-8322

Bishop Raica Accused of Covering-Up Sex Crimes

A newly unredacted 2007 report from the Flint police department alleges that Bishop Steven J- Raica had knowledge of at least one incident of sexual assault of an 8 year old child. The report, anonymously shared with Birmingham Diocesan Watch, identifies the now deceased Diocese of Lansing priest, Fr. Vincent DeLorenzo, as the assailant. In … Read more

Six U.S. Prelates in Need of Laicization

As a sex abuse victims’ advocate, I am often contacted by priests or former seminarians who are unjustly disciplined by bishops, rectors, vocation directors, or pastors for reporting clerical sexual predation or homosexual misconduct. In ​most cases, the ​victims or whistleblower​s ​are heterosexually oriented clerics and seminarians​, while ​the predators,  bishops, and superiors are often closeted homosexual​s. On May 9, … Read more

Birmingham Gets Bad Bishop?

The new bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, Steven Raica, is bringing a sordid record with him to the hometown of Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). EWTN was formed by Mother Angelica in large part to oppose much of the agenda of homosexualist and/or dissenting bishops. Raica, who had served as bishop of the Michigan diocese … Read more