WATCH: Shocking New Allegations in Lawsuit Against Cardinal Dolan and North American College – Implicates Over 30 U.S. and Vatican Bishops

Accusations include orgy involving two sitting U.S. Bishops New bombshell allegations have emerged in a lawsuit naming New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan; the Archdiocese of New York; the Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome; the NAC rector, Illinois-priest Father Peter Harman; the NAC vice-rector, Washington D.C.-priest Father Adam Park; and others.   In New … Read more

WATCH: One Year Ago Today, a Priest Preached The Truth Resulting in His Suspension and Excommunication

 Father Vaughn Treco, a former Anglican priest, revealed to his congregation in this comprehensive homily that he could no longer remain silent in the face of the revolution that was Vatican II, which is now reaching its zenith with the pontificate of Pope Francis. Father Treco called for a complete and full return to … Read more

Bishop Lopes’ Excommunication of Fr. Vaughn Treco is Deceptive, Unethical and Immoral

The church St. Bede the Venerable in Minneapolis has been closed and Fr. Vaughn Treco excommunicated by Bishop Steven J. Lopes based upon deception. The bishop says it was because of the alleged “rejection of the magisterial authority of an Ecumenical Council and a series of popes.” May be he means it sincerely and is … Read more