Archbishop Cordileone Says Priests Can Deny Same-Sex ‘Blessings’

A document obtained by the Bay Area Reporter reveals that San Francisco’s archbishop issued supplemental instructions to the archdiocese’s Catholic priests stating they can deny blessing same-sex couples under some circumstances. The December 21 memorandum came just days after the Vatican issued the document Fiducia Suplicans, allowing same-sex blessings in a radical sea change for … Read more

BRAVO! San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Oakland Bishop Michael Barber Issue Pastoral Letter Condemning Gender Ideology

Two high-ranking California Catholic prelates released a joint pastoral letter upholding the true “nature of the human person” in opposition to radical gender ideology. The letter comes after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reasserted Catholic teaching on human sexuality in March, rejecting the “dualism” of gender ideology. On September 29, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of … Read more

How Do you Solve a Problem Like Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi has just upped the stakes in her high profile battle with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone over abortion. This past weekend, Pelosi met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss migration, human rights and climate change. Its pretty clear that Pelosi is using this meeting to challenge Cordileone’s authority on the abortion issue. Here’s … Read more

San Francisco Archbishop Performs Exorcism Where St. Junípero Serra Fell

On June 19, the statue of St. Junípero Serra fell to angry protesters inside Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. On Saturday, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone visited the park where St. Junípero once stood to offer prayers, perform an exorcism and conduct other acts of reparation, in response to what he called “horrendous acts of blasphemy.” In a video … Read more

Archdiocese of San Francisco Promotes “Pride,” Leather, and Di*k Cookies

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone serves on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities in San Francisco. On the official Twitter account of “Catholic Charities” in San Francisco, several tweets were posted that commemorate the “Pride” month of June; including a tribute to the late LGBT-rights advocate Harvey Milk, a guide on how to honor “Pride” at … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick and the Gay Mafia: Corruption of Clergy Now Rivals the Age of the Borgias

The scandal of Cardinal McCarrick’s record of sexual abuse of seminarians and of minor children is sending waves of horror through the Church, as Catholics increasingly meditate on its disturbing implications. It is now clear that McCarrick’s reputation as a sexual predator was widely known in the Catholic hierarchy for decades, and nothing was done … Read more