Belgium Bishop Defrocked 14 YEARS after Admitting to Abuse

Pope Francis on Thursday defrocked a notorious Belgian bishop who admitted 14 years ago that he sexually abused his nephew but faced no Vatican punishment. The case of Roger Vangheluwe, the emeritus bishop of Bruges, long ago became a symbol of the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy and dysfunction in dealing with cases of abuse. Not only … Read more

Belgium’s Bishops have Repeatedly asked Vatican to Laicize Abusive Bishop

Speaking at a Jan. 26 hearing of the Flemish Parliament’s committee investigating clerical abuse, Bruno Spriet addressed the case of Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned as Bishop of Bruges in 2010 after admitting to sexually abusing a nephew. Spriet, the general secretary of the Belgian bishops’ conference, said: “As we have communicated, his ecclesiastical file … Read more

Belgian Bishop Says Vatican Has Snubbed Pleas To Defrock Pedophile Ex-Colleague

A prominent Belgian bishop on Sept. 27 criticized the Vatican for failing to defrock a former bishop who admitted sexually abusing children, saying it had led to massive frustration with the highest Roman Catholic authorities. Disgraced bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who was brought down by a sexual abuse scandal 13 years ago, became a symbol in … Read more