Pro-LGBT Cardinals McElroy and Tobin Trying to Block US Bishops’ Decree Against Transgender Surgeries

Two prominent pro-LGBT American cardinals are attempting to stall a formal revision to the U.S. bishop’s directives to Catholic hospitals and healthcare institutions that would ban “transgender” mutilation of the human body and chemical castration through puberty blockers and hormone infusions.  During discussions about incorporating an instruction issued in March by the Doctrinal Committee for the Bishops’ … Read more

Heretic Cardinal McElroy Slams EWTN

San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy sharply criticized the Eternal Word Television Network, the conservative Catholic U.S. media conglomerate, in an interview with Spanish magazine Vida Nueva published on March 24. Vida Nueva asked McElroy about the decision of newly installed Bishop Fernando Prado of San Sebastián, Spain, to ban diocesan television from carrying content produced … Read more

Imagining a Heretical Cardinal

Imagine if a cardinal of the Catholic Church were to publish an article in which he condemned “a theology of eucharistic coherence that multiplies barriers to the grace and gift of the eucharist” and stated that “unworthiness cannot be the prism of accompaniment for disciples of the God of grace and mercy.” Or what if … Read more

Lawsuit Alleges Cardinal McElroy Transferred Assets to Avoid Paying Sex Abuse Claims

A law firm representing alleged sexual abuse victims in California is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, claiming the diocese fraudulently moved around real estate assets in an attempt to hide its wealth and avoid paying child sex abuse claims. The suit, filed Tuesday (Feb. 21) by the Zalkin Law Firm in San … Read more

Bishop Paprocki Schools Cardinal McElroy on the Catholic Faith

Much ink has been spilled about Cardinal Robert McElroy’s January 24th piece in America on synodality and inclusion. Less attention has been paid to Cardinal McElroy’s follow up interview (Feb 3, 2023), also in America, in which his views on sexual immorality were more explicit and, unfortunately, more concerning. The Cardinal explains, “We have cast … Read more

Archbishop Naumann Rebukes Cardinal McElroy: ‘A Most Serious and Dangerous Error’

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City (KS) has joined Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver in critiquing Cardinal Robert McElroy’s recent call for “radical inclusion”—a call that includes a change in the Church’s teaching, rooted in the New Testament, on non-reception of Holy Communion for those who have not repented of mortal sins against the Sixth … Read more