Bishop Strickland Schools Bishop Barron on the Truths of the Faith

Bishop Robert Barron recently penned an article about the election which added more confusion than clarity to Catholic voters seeking direction from their bishops. Barron’s column left us feeling that a Catholic could vote for either presidential candidate by weighing the issues that are most important to them. Thank God Bishop Joseph Strickland saw fit … Read more

Bishop Barron’s Pitiful (But Honest) Response to a Church in Crisis

Across the developed world, ignorant mobs and anarchists are tearing down statues of saints, defacing church monuments, and setting the churches on fire. Not to mention that in the developing world many Christians continue to suffer martyrdom by the thousands at the hands of secular and religious extremists. This has caused many people to finally … Read more

Bishop Barron: Not My Job

These days, many Catholics are asking the question: Why aren’t bishops doing more in response to the rioting, looting, arson, vandalism and shootings that have plagued our nation, especially when these incidents involve Catholic parishes and monuments? Most recently, protestors have attacked statues of Saint Junipero Serra in San Francisco, Ventura, and Los Angeles.  The … Read more

Bishop Barron Wants To Police Catholic Media

Less than two years after the “Summer of Shame”, one of America’s most prominent bishops is calling for the hierarchy to begin policing Catholic laypeople’s social media platforms. Here are Bishop Robert Barron’s own words, published in the National Catholic Register last week: Bishop Barron said he believes the bishops should consider exercising their authority … Read more