WATCH: Something Everyone (including Bishop Barron) Appears to be Missing about Dignitas Infinita

  Anthony Stine of Return to Tradition exposes the evil underpinnings of Dignitas Infinita. Below is Bishop Barron’s statement that Anthony refers to during his presentation. Friends, the Church published Dignitas Infinita, a document that emphasizes and highlights human dignity. Here are my thoughts after reading this new document. — Bishop Robert Barron (@BishopBarron) … Read more

Bishop Barron’s ‘Politely Excoriating’ Assessment of the Synod on Synodality

Last week Bishop Robert Barron released a statement about the “Synod on Synodality”, which he attended, in which he is politely excoriating of both the manner and depth of reflection that took place. He has added his voice to a growing chorus of critics, including Archbishop Fisher of Sydney, Archbishop Wilson of Southwark and Archbishop … Read more

Bishop Barron In ‘Frank Disagreement’ with Synod on ‘Development’ of Sexual Teaching

Bishop Robert Barron just spoke out on his experience at the October Synod on Synodality in Rome, sharing several concerns about the synod’s interpretation of love and truth, the Catholic Church’s mission, and sexuality. “We must welcome everyone, but . . . at the same time must summon those we include to conversion, to live … Read more

Better Late Than Never? Bishop Barron Weighs-In On ‘Catholic’ Joe Biden

On numerous occasions throughout his public career, President Biden asserted his personal belief as a Catholic that human life begins at conception and that abortion, therefore, is morally wrong. He has always been quick to add, however, that he is unwilling to use the law to “impose” this personal conviction on anyone else. He presumably … Read more

Bishop Strickland Schools Bishop Barron on the Truths of the Faith

Bishop Robert Barron recently penned an article about the election which added more confusion than clarity to Catholic voters seeking direction from their bishops. Barron’s column left us feeling that a Catholic could vote for either presidential candidate by weighing the issues that are most important to them. Thank God Bishop Joseph Strickland saw fit … Read more