Pope Francis Calls Pedophile “Children of God” Who Deserve “Love” and “Pastoral Care”

Some were taken aback by Pope Francis’ description of a pedophile as “children of God” deserving of love and “pastoral care” as well as “enemies” who should also be punished, The Independent reported. During a meeting with 32 Jesuits last month in Budapest, Hungary, Pope Francis voiced his consideration of offering “Christian love” to pedophile … Read more

Renowned Catholic Philosopher Warns Pope Francis is ‘Destroying the Foundations of Faith and Morals’

Renowned philosophy professor and intimate friend of Pope John Paul II, Josef Seifert, published an open letter addressed to the cardinals of the Catholic Church, in which he called the bishops of the Church to resist Pope Francis’ his heterodox actions, like the signing of the Abu Dhabi document. Renowned philosophy professor and intimate friend of … Read more

Pope Tries to Encourage Abuse Prevention Board Amid Turmoil

Pope Francis sought to encourage his embattled child protection advisory board Friday, following weeks of turmoil sparked by the latest resignation of a founding member and fresh questions about its direction. Francis urged his Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors to pursue a “spirituality of reparation” with abuse survivors and build a culture of … Read more

Is Pope Francis Stacking the Deck for the Synod?

Manipulating the membership roster sets the agenda and determines the recommendations In announcing that non-bishops would be able to vote in this fall’s Synod on Synodality, Rome tried simultaneously to hype and downplay the news. Channeling its inner Leslie Neilsen, the synodal website blandly headlined the change as “Some News for the October 2023 Assembly.” … Read more

Vatican Quietly Tones Down Pope’s Remarks

Veteran Vatican journalist Sandro Magister reveals that Vatican officials have regularly “found themselves having to trim and remove at least some excesses, scurrilous expressions, gutter talk.” Vatican offices no longer provide transcripts of the Pope’s unscripted remarks, Magister reports. “Even the secretariat of state has for some time felt duty bound to put up a … Read more

Francis Allows Laypeople to Vote in Synod on Synodality Assembly

The Vatican announced Wednesday that there will be laypeople participating as voting members in the Synod on Synodality’s October assembly, a break with past custom, which allowed laypeople to participate without the right to vote. Pope Francis will also approve every member in advance. The general assembly of the Synod on Synodality will take place … Read more

Vatican Message to Buddhists: ‘Healing Wounded Humanity and the Earth through Karuna and Agape‘

The Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue has released its annual message to Buddhists on the occasion of Vesak, the Buddhist festival that celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. The theme of the 2023 message, dated April 16 and released April 21, is “Healing Wounded Humanity and the Earth through Karuna and Agape.” The … Read more

Pope Francis Allows Fake Mass by Fake Bishop on Altar in Rome

On Tuesday, April 18, about 50 Anglican clergymen, who are not in communion with the Catholic Church, took part in a fake Mass at St. John Lateran, the highest-ranking papal basilica in Rome. Today we get the story from the National Catholic Register that the Vatican now claims this was a matter of “miscommunication.” Righhht… … Read more