Pope Asks Theologians to ‘Demasculinize’ the Church

Speaking to members of the International Theological Commission at the Vatican on Thursday, Pope Francis asked theologians, in an unscripted remark, to “demasculinize” the church. “There is something I don’t like about you, if you excuse my honesty,” said Pope Francis, pointing out that only five women were among the more than 30 theologians. “We … Read more

WATCH: Vatican Employed ‘Mafia’ Tactics to Stop Public Support of Bishop Strickland

  Imagine if there was a group of Slovak journalists who sought to go into St. Peter’s Square with a banner supporting Bishop Joseph Strickland following his removal by Pope Francis. Then imagine if the Italian police confiscated their banner and detained two of the journalists for hours after admitting that it was because of … Read more

Austen Does Damage Control

Uh, oh. Looks like somebody ran a poll and found out that the spin about taking Cardinal Burke’s apartment away didn’t fly too well. So now we’re on day two of attempting to make this look good. What Pope Francis said about Cardinal Burke by Austen Ivereigh – November 29, 2023 What did Pope Francis … Read more

The Sacking of a Beloved Texas Bishop

The dystopian 1907 classic novel, The Lord of the World, was written by the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury who became an Anglican priest and then converted to Catholicism. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson sidestepped his own ascension to the Canterbury throne when his scandalous move to Rome laid the groundwork for the book that … Read more

Archbishop Agüer: Why Does Francis Hate Good Priests?

Several priests who follow the teachings of Pope Francis with attention have expressed to me their dismay and sorrow because they have recorded how often His Holiness denigrates priests. He has called them “bitter (cod-faced), spinsters, sacramental clerks, ambitious, gossipers, climbers…,” and other denigrating epithets. A lack of justice and charity. There are thousands of … Read more

Pope Francis’ Israel Remarks Spark Fury

Pope Francis has triggered a backlash from Jewish groups who see his comments over the Israeli-Palestinian war as accusing both Hamas and Israel of “terrorism.” The pontiff met Jewish families with relatives held hostage by Hamas, and Palestinians with families still in the Gaza Strip. He told an audience in St. Peter’s Square in the … Read more