Key Witness Claims Francis Concealed Extortion Involving Peter’s Pence Funds

Pope Francis last month made his first “appearance” at the ongoing Vatican trial over a London property deal that led to massive financial losses for the Holy See when his name came up in videotaped testimony of suspect-turned-star witness, Msgr. Alberto Perlasca. During the most recent hearing on Nov. 17, the recording showed Msgr. Perlasca, … Read more

Venezuelan Bishops Rally Behind Alleged Predator Archbishop Edgar Parra

The Venezuelan hierarchy is circling the wagons around the country’s highest-ranking prelate, Abp. Edgar Peña Parra, who was accused last month of sexually abusing seminarians. In a June 10 interview with The Washington Post, Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò revealed that decades ago, Peña Parra had been accused of sexual deviancy and abuse. The allegations, he noted, had not been properly investigated by Church … Read more

Vatican Tells Argentinian Court Accused Bishop Has Job in Rome, Despite Being Suspended

Despite being investigated for allegations of having sexually abused two seminarians, an Argentinian bishop close to the pope has once again been allowed by a judge to travel to Rome. The judge said that Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta has “collaborated” with the investigation and has a document from the Vatican saying he must return to Rome … Read more

Pope Francis Reportedly Ignored ‘Terrifying Dossier’ on Archbishop Peña Parra’s Sexual Abuse

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former papal ambassador who has accused Pope Francis of covering up sex abuse, has stated that the Vatican’s third most powerful prelate, Archbishop Peña Parra, was never given an “open and thorough investigation” for troubling accusations of sex abuse that date back decades. Archbishop Viganò said the high-ranking prelate was not … Read more