Bootlicker Cardinal Says Same-Sex Blessings a ‘Natural’ for India

India’s most senior Catholic cardinal and a close advisor to Pope Francis has said the Fiducia Supplicans, a controversial new Vatican text approving non-liturgical blessings for same-sex unions, is a “natural” for his country, calling it “an affirmation of our spirituality and a gift.” Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai told Crux that in Indian culture, … Read more

WATCH: Cardinal Oswald Gracias Must Resign

Your browser does not support the video tag.   When members of the hierarchy are flat-out busted lying, what they do afterward is even more shameful. By now, if you follow any of this, you know the cast of cardinals Pope Francis has assembled around him as his inner circle looks more like a rogues gallery from a … Read more

Confronting Troubling Questions Ahead of February Bishops’ Meeting

Time is short for concrete actions and authentic reforms. We cannot afford another missed opportunity. The Holy See announced in September that Pope Francis would focus all of the energies and proposals in dealing with the growing global clergy sex-abuse crisis on one event: the gathering in Rome of the presidents of the world’s episcopal … Read more

It’s Clear Pope Francis ‘Owns’ This Synod

A Synod of Bishops is often described as the “Congress of the Catholic Church,” with the College of Cardinals being the Catholic Senate. Both comparisons are terribly inexact, beginning with the fact that neither Catholic body holds any real power because it’s all in the hands of the pope. Yet there are certainly parallels, beginning … Read more