Bishop Olson Warns Carmelite Nuns Might Be Excommunicated

Fort Worth’s bishop said on Saturday that one or more nuns might have incurred on Friday an excommunication, because of a “scandalous and schismatic” statement issued by a Carmelite monastery in Arlington, Texas. While the bishop is competent to formally declare the nun excommunicated, he stopped short of that step Saturday, and did not indicate … Read more

Former Prioress in Forth Worth Admits to Sexual Misconduct in Recording, Names Priest

In the latest development in the ongoing dispute between a Texas Carmelite monastery and the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, former prioress Theresa Gerlach admitted to sexual misconduct and identified the priest involved as “Father Bernard Marie” in an audio recording played in court Tuesday. Though Gerlach identified the man involved as a member of … Read more

Bishop Olson Now Under Criminal Investigation

A criminal investigation has been launched into the actions taken by Bishop Michael Olson against two nuns in Fort Worth in April. According to a release, the investigation is looking into the actions taken by Olson and those in the Fort Worth diocese under his control relating to the Discalced Carmelite Mother Superior and Nuns … Read more

Bishop Requests Resignation of Head of Catholic Charities Fort Worth Citing Conflict Over Doctrine

The bishop of Fort Worth has requested the resignation of the head of Catholic Charities Fort Worth, after the two men clashed during a meeting about a women’s summit that Catholic Charities has planned. Bishop Michael Olson called for the resignation of the chief executive officer, Christopher Plumlee, in a letter dated April 4. In … Read more