Let’s Call Out Dirty Old Men Again

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when we could freely identify and call out dirty old men. When, without reprisal, we could recognize and denounce sexual deviance and not have to pretend that sexual perversion was normal or good. In fact, back then, we were still allowed to use the terms … Read more

Accused Serial Sex Abuser Fr. Rupnik Continues to Live a Charmed Life in Rome

The disgraced former Jesuit priest Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, who is accused of “highly credible” accusations of serial abuse, continues to live a normal life in Rome at the art center he founded, despite being incardinated into his native diocese in Slovenia since June. A staff member of his Aletti art center confirmed to the … Read more

Vatican Dissolves Loyola Community Founded by Accused Sexual Predator Marko Rupnik

Father Rupnik is said to have abused women in the Loyola community, which he founded. The former superior is said to have covered it. Now the Vatican is taking action: the community is being dissolved. The Loyola community founded by the alleged abuser Marko Rupnik is dissolved. The Archdiocese of Ljubljana (Slovenia) announced on Friday … Read more

After Attempted Whitewash, Francis Reopens Rupnik Investigation In Response To Worldwide Outcry

With the world media in Rome to cover the signature synodality initiative of Pope Francis, a stomach-churning Jesuit scandal returned to dominate the news. To the outrage of victims, the shock of the assembled synod delegates, the bewilderment of bishops and the shame of the Holy See, it turned out that the world’s most infamous … Read more

Francis’ Friend Incardinated Into Slovenian Diocese Despite History Of Abuse

The disgraced ex-Jesuit priest Father Marko Rupnik has been incardinated into a diocese in his native Slovenia after he was expelled from the Jesuits during the summer. After reports circulated earlier Wednesday morning, confirmation from the Diocese of Koper was sent to katolische.de, stating that Rupnik “has been incardinated in the Slovenian diocese of Koper.” … Read more

Two More English Dioceses Ban Artwork of Accused Serial Sex Abuser Marko Rupnik: US Diocese Count = ZERO

Three English dioceses will ban images designed by Father Marko Rupnik as a response to the scandal engulfing the priest over allegations of serial abuse. In the continued fallout over the numerous allegations of abuse made against Rupnik, a former Jesuit, a handful of English dioceses are taking steps as yet unmade by the Vatican. … Read more

Courageous Bishop Bans Disgraced Jesuit’s ‘Art’

The Archdiocese of Southwark in England announced that it would ban all artwork created by Fr. Marco Rupnik, the disgraced Jesuit priest and artist at the center of an expansive sexual abuse scandal. The Archdiocese of Southwark announced last week that it would review all artwork on archdiocesean property and any artwork attributed to Rupnik … Read more