WATCH: Border Bishop Puts Illegals Over Laity

Your browser does not support the video tag.   A Texas bishop is responding to Biden’s decision to apply Title 42 to Venezuelan aliens, but faithful Catholics see through the facade. Church Militant’s Nadia Bullock highlights a troubled diocese at the border. Bp. Mark Seitz, diocese of El Paso, TX: “It seems calculated to create … Read more

El Paso Bishop Requires The Jab for Catholic Church Employees, Ministry Volunteers

No provision for conscience or religious exemptions. Citing the need for the Catholic Church to “lead by example” and to act responsibly to protect others during the coronavirus pandemic, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, has said that all Church employees and ministry volunteers must be vaccinated. “Those who serve the Catholic community have, … Read more

After Bishop Knelt To Black Lives Matter, A Vandal Decapitated A Statue Of Jesus In His Church

Bishops must take a stand, not a knee, and unanimously condemn the attacks against Christianity, and the Marxist, anti-Catholic vitriol that Black Lives Matter has been relying on to foment this seething hatred. In a perverse irony, a statue of our Lord was decapitated last week at St. Patrick Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, the … Read more

The Clergy Follows the Mob

The riots have exposed the depth of America’s civilizational crisis. Yet where are the supposed religious leaders of that civilization to decry it? They are difficult to find. To the extent that clergy have been visible at all in the crisis, they emerged not to stop the mob but to join it. Their statements rest … Read more