Is Bishop Seitz Inadvertently Complicit in the Crimes of Illegal Aliens?

Bishop Mark Seitz is the Bishop of El Paso and Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration.  Seitz has been a long-time advocate of open borders. He has most recently been in the news for attacking Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempt to hold Ascension House, an El Paso-based Catholic charity, … Read more

WATCH: Steve Bannon BLASTS Catholic Bishops

  On his War Room program on Monday morning, February 26, 2024, Steve Bannon blasted Catholic bishops for their role in the illegal alien invasion and their complicity in the transgender debacle at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Bannon was reacted to the news that Bishop Mark Seitz, head of the Migration Committee for the United States … Read more

GASLIGHTING: Bishops Lobby Against Human Trafficking While Simultaneously Making Millions by Enabling It

Crux reports: Ahead of a House vote on a bipartisan human trafficking prevention bill, American bishops are calling on Catholics to urge their representatives to pass the measure, saying it is “critical for continuing and bolstering our nation’s efforts to eradicate human trafficking.” H.R. 5856, the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act … Read more

Migration Czar Praises Biden’s Policy that Keeps the USCCB Flush with Cash

This past year, Biden’s open borders policies allow more than 2.8 million illegal aliens to invade our nation. The U.S. Bishops’ Migration Chairman, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, just issued a statement welcoming the Biden administration continued to open borders, which enables the Bishops to garner millions of dollars each year facilitating the … Read more

Making Millions Off Open Borders, USCCB Celebrates National Migration Week

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is highlighting the overlooked right to remain in one’s country during its weeklong celebration of National Migration Week from Sept. 18–24. “For millennia, people have been forced to flee their homelands, seeking safety and security, because of factors beyond their control,” El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz, the … Read more

USCCB’s Open Border Bishop Praises Biden’s New Fast Path ‘Concierge Service’ for Illegal Aliens

The U.S. bishops’ conference migration chairman is praising a new initiative by the Department of Homeland Security, while seemingly calling for open borders. Monday, El Paso bishop Mark Seitz lauded the family reunification plan enacted by the DHS last week and advocated for more changes to U.S. immigration policies. In a USCCB statement, Seitz remarked, “Unfortunately, what … Read more

Catholic Bishops Shepherding Terror Into Our Neighborhoods

Editors Note: U.S. Catholic Bishops have been a major proponent in Biden’s open border policies. They are awarded millions of dollars in federal grants (your tax money) to assist the Biden administration in the trafficking of illegal aliens. Simply substitute the word “Bishops” for the word “Biden” in the following story. ————— MS-13 gang members … Read more

WATCH: Border Chaos as Result of Bishops’ Open Border Efforts

BREAKING: Texas has deployed their own Texas Tactical Border Force as migrants wait to storm the border once Title 42 ends. The Texas National Guard is readying Black Hawk helicopters and C-130s as they brace for an invasion along the southern border. – El Paso says 15,000 are… — Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) May 8, … Read more