“Open Borders” USCCB Migration Chair Blasts Biden’s Executive Order

Even though Biden’s order will do little to stem the tide of illegal immigration, Bishop Mark Seitz never misses an opportunity to advocate for open borders Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference Committee on Migration, said in a June 4 statement that the conference is “deeply disturbed” by Biden’s … Read more

USCCB Wants Congress to Spend Billions of Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars on Illegal Immigration

The USCCB’s migration committee chairman, left-wing Bishop Mark Seitz, called on Congress to spend more than $20 billion on immigration initiatives and to ‘reject measures that further restrict access to asylum.’ The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is asking Congress to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on programs that will have the effect of … Read more

Bishops, Borders, and the (Bully) Pulpit

“Texas Bishop Taking on Greg Abbott Gets Pope Francis’ Protection” is the curious title of an April 30th article in Newsweek. Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso needs “protection” from Greg Abbott? Are there Texas state troopers surrounding his house? Is he in imminent danger of arrest? There are bishops in the world in imminent … Read more

Bishop Seitz Gets Pope Francis’ Protection on Illegal Immigration

A Texas bishop who has not been shy about criticizing Texas Governor Greg Abbott‘s immigration views said in a new interview that the subject matter is being used for political gain and is going against the teachings of the Catholic Church and views espoused by Pope Francis. Bishop Mark Seitz of the Diocese of El … Read more

‘Open Borders’ Bishop Seitz Claims America Would ‘Grind to a Standstill’ Without Immigrants

Highlighting that American communities would “grind to a standstill” without the labor of undocumented immigrants, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso is encouraging Congress to create more avenues to legal employment authorization for those with pending asylum claims. “Without their contributions, American communities would grind to a standstill,” Seitz said in an April 15 statement. … Read more

‘Open Borders’ Bishop Seitz Criticizes Texas’ Border Control Efforts

Bishop Mark Seitz of the Diocese of El Paso criticized a Texas law that increases the state’s role in deterring illegal immigration to the United States and denounced “anti-immigrant” rhetoric that he said is rising in the country’s two major political parties. Bishop Seitz, who chairs the Committee on Migration of the United States Conference … Read more

Bishop Seitz Calls Border Controls ‘Transparently Political’ and ‘Racist’

Doesn’t Bishop Seitz believe illegal immigration is a crime? National Catholic Reporter provides some details about Bishop Mark Seitz recent lecture at Fairfield University: “The attack on Annunciation House represents an escalation in Texas’ efforts in recent years to militarize the border and to enact legislation criminalizing migration and people who migrate,” Seitz said. “You … Read more

WATCH: Texas Bishop Mark Seitz Leads March Against Efforts To Curb Illegal Invasion

  Texas Catholic and community groups held an event in El Paso called “Do Not Be Afraid: March and Vigil for Human Dignity” on March 21 in the wake of what organizers called “dehumanizing laws and policies” toward migrants in the Lone Star State. Organizers called the event “a decisive moment of community resistance and … Read more

A Misuse of Religious Freedom at the Border

A Catholic charity that serves migrants cannot invoke religious freedom to avoid complying with a legitimate inquiry by the attorney general of Texas. U.S. Catholics who are caring for immigrants at the Texas border being attacked for their faith? If not, what’s behind the effort by Texas’s Attorney General Ken Paxton to shut down Annunciation … Read more

Is Bishop Seitz Complicit in the Crimes of Illegal Aliens?

Bishop Mark Seitz is the Bishop of El Paso and Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration.  Seitz has been a long-time advocate of open borders. He has most recently been in the news for attacking Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempt to hold Ascension House, an El Paso-based Catholic charity, … Read more