Viganò Corroboration #11: Cardinal Ouellet’s Letter Confirms Sanctions Were Imposed on McCarrick

The Vatican’s prefect for the Congregation for Bishops has confirmed that, in response to Theodore McCarrick’s serial sexual predation of young men and boys, Pope Benedict XVI imposed punitive measures against the former Washington, D.C. cardinal — and that Pope Francis lifted them. In an open letter published Sunday, Cdl. Marc Ouellet slammed Vatican whistleblower … Read more

On McCarrick Scandal, Vatican Responses are Tardy, Not Reassuring

Finally there is some movement. This weekend the Vatican began responding to the dismay of the laity over the McCarrick scandal. The responses are certainly tardy, and still not terribly reassuring. But they are responses, at least; the “stonewall” approach is breaking down. The first response, issued by the Vatican press office on October 6, … Read more

Cardinal Ouellet’s Letter Forceful, But Does Not Provide Substantial Refutation

To cut to the chase: Cardinal Ouellet’s open letter (full text here) has confirmed there were restrictions on then-Cardinal McCarrick. This has been a major point of contention in the press, but it is really a secondary or an ancillary consideration. I’ve been saying from the start — I called it on August 27th, in the Catholic Herald — … Read more

Cardinal Ouellet to Abp. Viganò: Your Testimony was ‘Political’ and ‘Extremely Reprehensible’

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, today issued an open letter to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in response to his explosive 11-page testimony, alleging that Pope Francis and several high-level prelates were complicit in covering up ex-U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s homosexual abuse of seminarians. In his letter, released only in French (official … Read more